Trendy Trend: Bell-Bottoms!

These Theyskens' Theory bell-bottoms are perfect for now and also later and probably forever.
Publish date:
August 2, 2011
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I have been thinking about bell-bottoms for a while now, ever since they made an appearance on Theyskens' Theory's runway, designer Olivier Theyskens new label for Theory, two seasons ago. I have been obsessed with his designs and aesthetic since I was in high school (fun fact! my first AIM screenname was theyskensgrl) and I was super stoked to see that he was going to be doing something more approachable to my everyday life (as well as my pocket!). I was eyeing a cool burgundy pair of corduroy bell-bottoms at one of my favorite stores on Bond Street when Eric suggested we borrow a pair for me to test-drive. I said yes immediately.

Welcome to the first installment of Trendy Trend, in which we call your attention to something we think is going to be BIG. The Theyskens Theory Pepper Pants ($295, are fall pants, but there's really no need to wait until the temperatures cool down to start rocking them. I mean, not like you would if you had these in your closet anyways. I automatically felt cooler with my feet–and massive platforms–totally surrounded hidden by fabric. A lot of people hate the whole covered-foot-thing, but I think that's the whole point of wearing flared pants. A bell bottom that shows your entire foot looks weird and I think a little too retro; if you can't stand to not be able to see your feet, then wear a nice wedge or flatform. In my head they're the only acceptable "heel" to wear with flares, because the chunky sole will keep the look elongated just as well as having the leg go all the way down and cover your foot. To keep the whole slouchy hippie-witch thing I've been trying to do this year, I paired them with my favorite square-cut, semi-sheer, oversized tee that's SUPER BREEZY and perfect for hot summer days. I'm really digging the slouchy look lately and this is pretty much ALL slouch.

Slouch and slouch is cool, but slouch and tailored might actually be better. Once the temperature drops it's all about layers to keep you warm and cozy. Blue and yellow are a great color combination and I thought that this color palette had a weird sort of French schoolgirl via Madeline vibe. The sheer beige shirt under the yellow lace cardigan were really the perfect things to bring out the blue in the pants. How did I not think to pair these two together before? Throw a lil' jacket over it and I'm ready to say "what's up" to this winter.

Now the only problem is that the pants are no longer in my closet and I keep coming up with other awesome things I'd wear them with; like how cute will they look with my favorite ghost sweater? SO good, right? I guess I know what I'm saving my pennies for now, a pair of perfect bellbottoms.

Trust me on this one, guys! They're definitely worth revisiting, this is not the flare of the mid -00s, this is a real bell bottom made to keep you cool and hide all your secrets under those voluminous legs. Get into it? YES!