OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: When In Doubt, Go Tough

Just channel your inner "hanging-out-behind-the-high-school" vibes and you're good to go.

This week, I've been getting in touch with my inner moody teenager. My outfits are veering towards "got in trouble, got sent to boarding school, stayed in trouble" looks. Usually this means a polished base with rough-around-the-edges accents, like my trusty moto jacket (*praying hands emoji* that nothing ever happens to this beloved article of clothing), tons of jewelry, and smudgy, smoked out eye makeup.

I'd be interested to know if you guys ever make up little narratives in your head for your outfits too, or if I'm alone in my daydream-y weirdness.

Moving along, let's look at your verge-of-Spring looks from last week.

Our Kelly injected a bit of Spring into her look with this cheery yellow Zara dress but still stayed warm in a cozy coat and long boots.

And how sweet (literally) is this ice cream-infused pastel ensemble created by Ginger Pop? It's making me want a cone of soft serve, stat.

Well, it's the first day of Spring, and I'd like to know how you're dressing on this day full of happy, renewing energy. Is it sunny and beautiful where you are? It's gorgeous here in Toronto. I hope you all have awesome weekends and make sure you take photos of your outfits while you're at it!