OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: Friends 'N' Fashion

Having stylish pals means I'll always be endlessly inspired.
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March 27, 2015
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This week has been crazy busy and exhausting, but full of a ton of fun too. Here in Toronto we have our own Fashion Week going on, and the Canadian talent that is showcased every season always blows my mind and fills me with a warm, fuzzy feeling of patriotism. Designers like Malorie Urbanovitch and my good pal Hayley Elsaesser have been putting out fresh new looks these past two seasons that I want to rip off the runway and immediately throw on my body.

When I headed to Hayley's show Wednesday night, I had a little bit of Anna Karina in mind with my vintage sailor dress that reminded me of when she starred in Une Femme est Une Femme. I didn't want to look super costumey though, so I threw on my moto jacket, some Shoemint platforms and a vintage Gucci purse.

Hayley's show was fantastic -- not only did she feature womenwear this season, but she also expanded into mens' clothing and loads of pieces that can be worn by anyone. The models were happy and strutting to a mix of disco and 00's hip hop, and the prints in the collection brightened my day.

If anything, this week got me excited to introduce bursts of colour back into my wardrobe, and reignited my love of wild, '70s styles.

Now over to you, folks. Misssincerely's outfit, featuring a dress borrowed from her roommate, had just the right amount of subtle sophistication. I think you may have to permanently "borrow" that dress though, as it fits like a glove!

I also loved TheSwedishGal's "Cleopatra-inspired" jumpsuit. I mean, I love any and all jumpsuits, but the neckline on this one is particularly glam.

I hope you all had equally fun, full and fashionable weeks. Share your outfit snaps in the comments and tell me all about it!