OBSESSED WITH: Delicate (But Tough!) Gold Jewelry For Spring

I'm starting to hoard teeny-tiny, simply-designed (and sometimes skull-adorned) jewelry and I CAN'T GET ENOUGH.
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March 8, 2012
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Wednesday, March 7th will go down in history as the first beautiful day of 2012 (in Toronto, at least). A sun-shiney, warm-windy day that got me shedding my parka and donning a lighter, cotton-y jacket and some leopard-print loafers. I strutted through my neighbourhood to my favourite local café and ordered up

the most amazing sandwich

and sat by the window, basking in the sunshine like a super-pleased cat.

If you feel like I'm rambling or trying to make you jealous (just look at that sandwich, oh goodness), well, I do have a point and the point is that it was very nice out and I got really excited about Spring dressing, Spring fashion and all the accessorizing and fun that comes with that.

Generally, I am always thinking ahead. In the hottest days of Summer I am daydreaming up Autumnal outfits on


. And in the most horrible depths of this Winter, I was fantasizing about things I'll be wearing in the city this Summer when I throw rooftop dinner parties or ride my bike through the park.

Of course, the daydreaming includes accessories, most of which are jewelry and all gold-toned (I don't wear silver jewelry. I just don't.) While I already have a pretty extensive collection of vintage costume jewelry, I'm hooked now on buying the teeniest, tiniest, most delicate and simple gold-toned pieces.

So amidst working on other posts, like a much-asked-for eyebrow tutorial (it's coming, I swear!) and a D.I.Y. budget-y version of

Cat's juice cleanse

(I type as I munch on a very large chocolate danish), I've decided to present to you, in a fit of vitamin-D induced productivity, this round-up of gorgeous gold-toned jewels that will look awesome when the weather is consistently warm (or just right now).



Safety Pin With Skull Necklace

($16) and

Tiny Skull Bracelet

($15, both, etsy.com)

I am hooked on this Etsy shop. I want every single thing they sell! But I've decided to single out the things I've actually owned. The itsy-bitsy skull bracelet, which I am in love with, and the safety pin skull necklace (that's on its way in the mail to me) which is so tough in theory but the gold and small size and delicate chain really soften it up. I love that juxtaposition, ahh.



H&M Bejeweled Skull Earrings and Necklace Set

(about $7, H&M stores)

This set is in stores right now for under $10. The earrings and necklace charm are both practically microscopic in size, which I love. From far away it looks like you're just wearing some kind of sparkly little stud earring, but up close, you notice they're skulls. Again, that lovely combination of creepy and glamorous.




3D Skull Charm Necklace

(right) ($10, etsy.com)

OK, the link isn't for the EXACT necklace in the picture, I made mine by stringing a charm on to a chain, which I both bought at

Brooklyn Charm

in Williamsburg, but the charm in the above looks identical to mine and is probably the same one so ... basically, you should buy it. Oh, and the necklace on the left was also custom-made at

Brooklyn Charm

. You should check that place out. It's good fun.



Bing Bang Tiny Skull Cuff

($68, shop.bingbangnyc.com)

I really want to start collecting more bracelets, and this one is at the top of my wishlist. I guess I'm just a freak for tiny skulls, you guys!

So what are your jewelry obsessions, and what do you plan on wearing this Spring? Are you into the lil' baby skulls, or am I a weirdo? Let me know!

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