Time To Resurrect The...? Indian Print Shirt

I'm trying to bring back this childhood favorite. Be honest: Is it working?
Publish date:
June 10, 2011
indian print shirt, time to resurrect the, wear it again

New England, Summer 1991: Indian print T-shirts were hot! So were Indian print tapestries. Here I am, proudly displaying both those things in my 12-year-old bedroom:

I loved that shirt. God, how I loved that shirt. I had it in other colors, but that mint green was my favorite. I have no idea what happened to it.

Then, a couple months ago I was browsing around a vintage store in my neighborhood when I spotted a pile of brand-new Indian print T-shirts!

Because it pulled at my heartstrings and was about $20, I bought one. Now I'm trying to make it work with my 30-something style.

I tried it with a Zara skirt and Indigo by Clarks wedge sandals.

And then black Minnie pants from J. Crew and striped espadrilles I bought on vacation:

And then it was time to go to work. So tell me....

ALSO: Buy your own here.