Three Ways to Wear Dressy Sweatpants Without Looking Like a Slob

I’ve always been completely against wearing sweatpants outside, but fitted sweats in silky fabrics have changed the game.
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August 22, 2014
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There are few things I’ll admit I’ve been a total asshole about in my life, and sweatpants are definitely one of them. In high school, I got a lot of flak from my peers for wanting to dress up and wear heels to class, so in turn I started hating on everyone else at my sporty school for dressing like slobs. (I know, not the solution, but I was a teen!)

It became a known fact that I would never, ever be seen in public wearing sweatpants, and that I thought anyone who did wear them outside of workouts and their home looked lazy. I wasn’t blatantly mean about it or anything, but I judged those sweatpant wearers pretty hard, and up until recently I had still never owned a pair of my own.

I just don’t think I’ll ever be the type to wear big thick sporty sweatpants with lettering on the butt, at home or in public, but cute fitted sweatpants in thinner soft fabrics? That’s something I can 100% get behind (even if my teenage self would scowl.) Dressy sweatpants are flattering on all sorts of body types, can be worn for all sorts of occasions depending on colour and texture, and they’re just so comfy! Here are my three current ways to wear them:


Since my Talula sweats are fitted and made from a thin, soft twill, they work great with baggy sweaters and T-shirts up top. I love this combination of loose thick-knit turtleneck, big sunnies and heeled booties because I feel chic and stylish when I wear it, but still so comfy!

Side note: It's been randomly cold here in Toronto these past few weeks (yes, cold, in August), so I've actually been able to wear this autumn outfit already. For someone who loves the summer like I do, this is deeply deeply concerning (but yay fall I guess?)


You know what the best thing about buying a pair of dressy sweatpants in a luxurious fabric is? With the right blazer, you can totally pass them off as trousers and wear them to work! They also look great with heels, with sheer tops tucked in (or any tops for that matter), and with statement necklaces (but really, does anything not look good with a statement necklace?)


Don't judge me, OK? This is the perfect outfit for dog walking, grocery shopping, and even heading home from the gym. Plus it seemed a little strange not to include a sport-inspired casual outfit with some Nikes and a beanie in a sweatpants post. No matter how fancy, sometimes you can't take the sweat out of the pants.

Shop dressy sweatpants:

Thoughts? Are your sweats strictly for the gym and hiding inside, or do you sport them outside too?