Things I Love About The Holidays: Ugly Holiday Sweaters

You can't tell me a T-rex wearing a pink Santa hat isn't festive.

While I totally respect Marci's general winter holiday apathy, I have to say that I am her polar (bear) opposite when it comes to the most wonderful time of the year. Despite my agnosticism and deep suspicious regard of capitalism, I freaking LOVE everything in between Halloween and New Year's Eve -- Ed even believes in extending this season of decadent celebratory consumption all the way through to Mardi Gras.

I love Christmas music (even religious carols). I love twinkle lights. I love wrapping paper and ribbon and gift bags and tissue paper. I love making plates full of tiny appetizers until there is way too much food for the number of people we are having over so I can send them all home with leftovers. I love making and buying and figuring out presents.

All the worst things happen, it seems, during this time of year. But the holidays give me something to celebrate, an excuse to see family and friends and think about the ones that aren't with me any more. Some years I have my shit way more together than others -- some years I don't have my shit together in the slightest. But there's never been a year where I haven't looked around at the vicious crowds of holiday shoppers and not been invigorated by it.

This year, I am particularly excited by the idea of thematic dressing as a lead up to the holidays. Like, dressing up for Christmas is only one day. What about all those other days? Why am I wasting those opportunities to wear ridiculously festive things?

Sometimes the stars align and the things I most want to be able to purchase happen to be available because they're briefly trendy. This moment right now? This is just such a moment. Because Ugly Christmas Sweaters are a thing.

Like the Santa-saurus Rex sweater I'm wearing in the photo above. This is a men's sweater, so the sizing is super flexible -- and the intentionally mismatched colors (I actually spoke to the designer about that) keep it from being twee. Because sometimes I love twee but I ALWAYS love olive and jade and chartreuse paired together. Especially with pink.

But the Ugly Sweater Awesomeness doesn't stop there. No, I couldn't resist these robots.

(I wanted Ed to model this one but it was too dark and then we were in a hurry. Alas. But we're totally doing a family portrait in these this year.)

What holiday party wouldn't be improved by robots? I certainly can't think of any.

There are a ton of other designs in the Alex Stevens line -- I'm super tempted by that hoola hooping polar bear. (And, I admit, Santa in camo also gets me. I AM SORRY. NOT SORRY.)

The perfect pre-holiday outfit of my dreams would also involve this gingerbread house skirt from ModCloth (in a 4X for me, please) but fiscal responsibility has stopped me from ordering that just yet. I want it like burning though.

And lest you think the only ugly sweater fun to be had involves Christmas, I have to include this link to GeltFiend. There's no plus sizes that I can find, which is TRAGIC, OKAY? But the options are glorious.

What are you planning to wear for the holiday season ahead? Do you love tacky holiday sweaters? Do you hate them because you have traumatic memories of being forced to wear them while family members you didn't know pinched your cheeks and talked about how fat you'd gotten since they saw you last?