These 10 Faux Fur Accessories Bring Out the Cruella de Vil in Me

For winter accessories, why wouldn’t you gravitate toward all things soft and fuzzy?
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January 19, 2015
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Fashion’s trickle-down effect is alive and well — the waves of fur accessories of fall 2014 ready-to-wear shows (fur stoles at Marchesa and Rodarte, fur handbags by Balenciaga, and Céline muffs) inspired fast-fashion stores to create affordable alternatives. Ah, how I love it when stores I can actually afford carry current trends.

For me, Fendi Fur Bag Bugs ignited an instant craving for fuzzy accessories. While I have no intention of purchasing this $850 rabbit fur keychain, I constantly have an eye out for similar pieces, especially when it's cold. As far as winter accessories are concerned, why wouldn’t you gravitate to all things soft and fluffy to keep you warm?

Regardless of whether you prefer fake or real fur, I’m sure we can all agree that faux fur accessories are more accessible for most people. While synthetic pieces are available at virtually any mall for less than $100 (and sometimes less than $50), real fur accessories typically reach or exceed the $1,000 mark.

Since I love sharing, here are the most banging faux fur accessories currently making a home for themselves in my countless online shopping carts. Now I just need a sugar daddy to buy them for me . . . . Kidding! (Or not!)

Starting off with a bang. When I saw Iggy Azalea pretend-writing with a pink fluffy pen in her “Fancy” music video I thought, “Wow, if only I could wear giant pink fur puffs like that on my ears . . . .” WELL, THAT DREAM HAS COME TRUE!

This is a gateway purse to looking more like Rihanna. Can’t you just envision her carrying this to a Brooklyn Nets game with ripped jeans and no bra?

& Other Stories is practically giving these shoes away at $30. Unfortunately, they’re sold out in my size — yeah, devastating, I know. Oh, the misery of having big-ass feet (size 11, to be exact).

Do these look like centaur hooves? Yep. Will that stop me from galloping through the hood in them? Nope.

Only the Anna Dello Russo’s of the world can pull off this pom-pom headband. Still, ~*~ yOu OnLy LiVe OnCe~*~ so it’s worth a shot.

Fur mittens are not practical for daily wear in a dirty city like New York, but they are completely appropriate for ice-skating dates — Valentine’s Day is around the corner, y’all!

I know we joke around a lot here, but it’s time to get serious so I can properly articulate how badly I want this fur muff-purse hybrid. Anyone who kept an eye on the fall 2014 runway shows will note this accessory’s similarity to the muffs featured in Tory Burch’s collection.

The zipper pouch and detachable strap make it a purse (I’m assuming you could only fit some cards and a phone inside), which you can wear on your shoulder or around your neck. I plan on wearing this around my neck because I’m weird. Can you guys freaking imagine how glorious life would be if every purse kept your hands warm?

If you got off on the pom-pom earrings mentioned earlier, you’ll love these fluffy earmuffs, which turn your ears into fuzzy Muppets.

Furry hats can be tricky. If the hat too closely resembles the shade of your hair, you’ll look like you have a giant head. Otherwise, fur hats look Remember-the-Alamo chic with a messy side braid and red lipstick.

Instead of buying a new coat for winter, throw on a faux fur collar instead. You could even have a tailor sew it on for a more permanent change.

We haven’t even breached the endless possibilities of looking like a dime in faux fur (Rihanna’s blue coat anyone?), but we can venture into clothing on another day. Do you love faux fur accessories or hate them? How are you guys keeping your appendages warm in the polar vortex?

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