The $9 T-Shirt Everybody Should Buy In Bulk

You will live in this thing.
Publish date:
March 11, 2014
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This year marks my ten year anniversary of working in fashion and beauty. That means ten years of writing about clothes, shoes and lipsticks. Ten years of carressing press samples and clipping the back of Louis Vuitton dresses to fit the lithe bums of models.

As much as I appreciate clothes, my limited budget means that I have to deter myself from overspending. Yes, I want the $200 pair of jeans, but I also know that the pair I have from Zara will do. And while basics from T By Alexander Wang look like liquid cashmere dripped onto the models, the v-neck t-shirt I’ve been turning to for several years now gives the Wang tee a run for its money. I have about seven of the Target Junior's Boyfriend V Tee. I wear it several times a week, and it goes with just about every bottom I own.

The first of my collection of seven was purchased in June 2012. Two years on, and the fabric has stretched, but not to the point where it's completely shapeless. There is a tiny hole on my left boob, on my oldest t-shirt, but I assure you, it's not from an overly sharp left nipple. That hasn't stopped me from wearing it occasionally of course, paired with my distressed, hole-y denims. If I'm going to do shabby chic, I have to do it all the way, right?

While I do sometimes dump my tees in the washing machine, I hand wash a lot of my clothes and line dry them afterward to make sure they last longer. Yes, that means a good part of my weekend is spent bent over scrubbing my clothes clean, but the hard work pays off. I still have the first Topshop dress I bought when I was 17 and I have my mother to thank for teaching me the benefits of line-drying.

Don't have space to actually put your clothes up on a line? Just hang them up around your home. I use my shower railings, especially since there's a lot of light coming in. (Fun fact: People in Singapore hang their clothes out their window like this. And yes, I have, on more than one occasion, yelled at my upstairs neighbour for hanging wet clothes out the window. Nasty.)

Anyway, my tees (like all of my clothes) are still in good shape because I take care of them. I bought the t-shirts in small and medium and I switch them up based on how I want it to fit. The small size looks great tucked into pencil and mermaid skirts, while the medium is perfect for casual days at the office -- I throw the tee on over a pair of jeans or some unicorn leggings. It’s good for hanging out with your wee little nephew too, in case he hurls on you or something like that.

For some reason, the gray t-shirts feel softer than then other colours (that could be why gray is sold out online, but look for it at your local store). I’ve tried white, black and baby blue and they weren’t quite the same. Plus, for my skintone, black and white tend to look very stark and I don't always want that. With the gray tee, I don't have to think twice.

Do people think I wear the same top several times a week? Probably. But luckily, I pride myself on smelling great all the time. And hey, for $9 a pop, I promise, nothing people say about your tee will kill your vibe.