The Ones That Got Away…

Those elusive pieces of clothing that we wish we’d bought and have never forgotten...
Publish date:
February 20, 2013
shoppables, fashion

Rebecca and I both have weddings to attend this spring and have been discussing what to wear (I’m scrolling through seven pages of mid-length frocks on YOOX for us as I type.)

I've been kicking myself for not buying a beautiful Agnes B dress that I was loaned to DJ in last summer, as it would have been perfect for weddings. (I have two ‘wedding dresses’, from Jesire and Agnes B, which I’ve worn on rotation for the past five years and it’s getting a bit embarrassing – every single wedding photo on Facebook features me in one of them, urgh).

This led us onto a conversation about those elusive pieces of clothing that we wish we’d bought and have never forgotten. It’s incredible how everyone has at least one of these stored in their memory banks – every stitch seared into the brain, the emotions and feelings of regret associated with that item still vivid.

Me: Naf Naf rucksackAged 12, in a small French town called Castelnaudary, I saw it in a shop window. A satchel-style Naf Naf backpack with an embroidered badge on the front. It was really too expensive to justify, so I wasn’t allowed to buy it.

But I spent the whole holiday mooning over it, so eventually on the last day of the holiday my parents relented and we went back to the shop. It was shut. We drove away, I was inconsolable. I bought a ‘similar’ version back in England but it wasn’t anywhere near as good. I have never forgotten that bag. SOB.

Rebecca: Marc Jacobs dressI was in New York and I happened to be in the Marc by Marc Jacobs store with my friend. We both tried on dresses – mine was navy blue, with a pencil skirt and gold buttons and a slash neck – it looked really vintage and ‘40s. It fit absolutely perfectly and it was one of those dresses that I could imagine wearing to any formal occasion I’d been to in the last five year.

But as I’d already bought quite an expensive handbag that day, I couldn’t really justify the cost. But I think about that dress all the time – every time I’ve got an occasion when I haven’t got anything to wear, I know that dress would have been perfect.

Now I don’t want this to be a sad story, so here’s something I loved, lost and managed to track down in the end…

Emerald green Converse hi-tops.I rang every store in London trying to track down a pair in my size – no luck, so I gave up. Then one day I went into the Neal Street branch of Offspring and there they were! The best pair of Cons I’ve ever had the pleasure to wear.

Please tell me we're not alone in mooning over clothes in this obsessive manner? Which piece of fashion slipped through your fingers that you've never forgotten?