‘The Lonely Girls Project’ Is Removing Lingerie From the Male Gaze

Publish date:
May 29, 2015
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The best lingerie makes you feel good rather than just look good, and if this new portrait series byLonely Lingerie is anything to go by, their pieces’ power to invest the wearer with positive vibes is borderline magical.

New Zealand-based Lonely — which has been on our radar for a while thanks to the brand’s unapologetic femininity and no-man-necessary attitude — created The Lonely Girls Project to market Lonely lingerie minus the male gaze. Photographers Zara Mirkin and Harry Were were tapped to shoot organic and unfiltered images of body-positive Lonely babes in their bedrooms and backyards, at the beach, and hanging off their fire escapes.

We’ve already established that showing your underwear is the classiest power move you can make, and this series confirms that lingerie can be sensual, stylish, and sophisticated without having anything to do with actual sex. It can also be insanely comfortable — Lonely is staunchly anti-padding, anti-pushup, and anti-thong.

“When we launched Lonely we couldn’t name a single lingerie brand that was talking solely to women with their imagery,” Lonely’s Helene Morris told i-D, “it was very much opinionated body typing targeted to men. This traditional way of marketing lingerie didn’t seem honest, it didn’t resonate with us and we didn’t believe it resonated with our customer.”

We’ve seen our fair share of cheesy attempts at hashtag empowerment, but Lonely have been killing it in the girl power department since they launched in 2009. If this is a man’s world, Lonely is another world entirely.

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