The Four Essential Pieces That Are Helping Me Transition From Winter To Spring

Dressing for a seasonal shift can be a big challenge, but I've gotten pretty good at it.
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March 19, 2014
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Though it’s still pretty cold here in Toronto, the temperature is finally starting to creep up, and the ice is just beginning to melt. Spring will be upon us sooner or later, and though I can’t wait for flowers, sunshine and gardening, spring brings about a wardrobe challenge of its own: unreliable weather.

The transition from winter to spring is perhaps the rockiest change in seasons. We go from bundling up in parkas and boots just to survive a walk to the corner store to stripping down to miniskirts and flats to run around the city all day.

Sadly though, most days between March and May aren’t quite so black and white around here: There are unexpected windy days, days that look warm but are actually frigid, and humid days that look cold but leave everyone feeling a bit too warm. There are unpredictable rain storms, snow melting into rivers all over the road, and random bouts of flurries that are was past their seasonal expiry date. The whole thing is very challenging when it comes to driving, planning dates and most importantly, getting dressed.

Dressing for the transition to spring truly is an art. One must layer and prepare, and if you live in Vancouver or Seattle, carry an umbrella at all times. As someone who truly hates to be caught outside unprepared in a bout of strange weather, I’ve gotten pretty good at dressing for seasonal transitions. Here are the four key pieces that help me make it through without frostbite and/or a sunburn.

1. Wide Brimmed Hat

This hat is my absolute favourite new accessory. I bought it from Bicyclette on a whim a few weeks ago, and I’ve been wearing it almost nonstop since. The best thing about a sturdy hat like this one is it actually keeps my head warm, but looks a lot more springy and fashionable than a knitted hat. (Not that I have anything against those!)

2. Denim Jacket

It isn’t quite warm enough for this piece yet, but I know as soon as it is I’ll be wearing it daily. Denim jackets are the perfect light piece to throw on top of a summery dress, tank top or t-shirt to add a bit of extra warmth and coverage, and if the weather suddenly gets warmer, they look pretty cute tied around your waist, too!

3. Pastel Pants

There’s always that day in late winter/early spring where I want to wear shorts more than anything, but I know deep down it’s still just too cold. On those days, I pull out my pastel denim. So far I have a lavender pair, a mint pair, a pale pink, and a floral, but I’m in the market for a nice white pair this year. Pastel pants are easy to wear, and work well with sweaters and scarves while still giving off an air of spring.

4. Flat Booties

My flat booties are vintage, and I’ve worn them so often as a transitional piece over the past three years that they’re almost ready for retirement. When the time for snow boots has passed, but it’s still too early for flats or sandals, a good pair of flat lace up booties are the perfect solution. They look great with socks, provide more foot coverage in case it rains, and look great with just about any ensemble!

In need of some of these transitional awesome basics yourself?



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What pieces do you rely on to carry you from winter to spring?