The Best Online Shop You've Never Heard Of: Shop Jeen

Wear the internet! IRL!

I grew up with the Internet and the Internet has grown up with me -- we're practically the same age. In the beginning, it was all about AOL, but their homepage basically consisted of huge buttons that didn't lead very far. The articles were skimpy and the imagery was generally terrible. As we grew together, we created the Internet's vernacular and it felt like our own secret place for young people. Chatrooms and message boards became a breeding ground for all of our sick jokes, weird obsessions, and gripes against everything and anything.

The Internet is still my clubhouse. I mean, I love the Web so much that I got a job that ensured I’d have to spend at least five hours a day on it. It’s not just me; the majority of my generation eats, sleeps and breathes the Web. So much so that I feel like we are sometimes trying to make our real lives more like the Internet instead of the other way around.

Enter Shop Jeen, your one-stop shop for wearable Internet memes.

Erin Yogasundram founded the site when she was a wee 20-year-old, using money she got by selling her $3000 Celine bag on eBay (she decided that she wanted to own her own store more). I guess the bag really did turn out to be an investment piece.

Two years later, Shop Jeen is still going strong. Our office favorites are the food-themed printed sweatshirts -- and we aren't the only ones who are into this kind of thing. Even though it grosses me out a little, I've decided that I DO in fact need a pizza sweatshirt.

Yes, I pretty much only wear neutrals so it seems a little weird that I am endorsing a site that looks like a 16-bit acid trip. But that is exactly the point -- it's designed for people like me to be drawn to it. According to Erin, her store is geared towards the demographic who "loves viral content and the opportunity to be a part of spreading the coolest stuff on the net."

So, although a force field around my house prevents me from leaving unless I’m wearing at least two black items, I like to wear things like my pizza sweatshirt when I’m feeling like my outfits have gotten TOO heavy on the black. Sometimes you need to just keep it a little weird, you know?

And there are so many weird and cool things on this site that I don't even know where to begin.For instance, get a load of this amazing Nic Cage shirt that I forced Claire Lower to model for me when she came to the office to visit. For those who don't know, Nic Cage is a really big deal on the Internet.

Did I mention this store is great for gifts? I mean who wouldn't want this cheeseburger pillow? Look at how happy Emily is with hers!

And then there are the Justin Bieber, Leonardo DiCaprio and Drake backpacks! I don’t know what to do with these either, except start crying because I want them so badly.

I’m pretty pleased with this site. It's fun stuff that turns your everyday boring self (this might just be me) into a totally fun, rad kid without having to revamp your whole closet. Fun clothes to wear while you are away from your computer. You know, so you don’t feel withdrawal or anything.