The Best, Comfiest Bras For Long Distance Travel

Long distance travel is enough a hassle without underwires poking you.
Publish date:
February 27, 2014
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There seems to be a lot of hatred for bras on xoJane. The only times I’m free-boobing are in bed, when I’m wearing backless dresses and during activities I don’t want to delve deep into on the Internet. I have no problems with bras on a day-to-day basis.

My only real issue with them begins when I’m on a long-haul journey across the world. Underwires are not your friend when you’re trying to maneuver yourself into a somewhat comfortable position in cattle class. It’s bad enough you have to share stale air and nasty bathrooms with strangers for over 10 hours, you don’t want something you’re wearing poking you and jolting you awake when you’ve finally managed to get to sleep.

I travel back and forth from Singapore to Los Angeles several times a year because my partner is based there, and I have road tested many bras. Here are my favorites, and they’re based on my wearing them with my C cup boobs (occasionally D, if I’ve put on some weight):

#1: Top Secret Prop Top Bralette

This is my absolute favorite bra to travel in. It provides minimal support, but I’m not about to do burpees on a plane, so I want to be as comfortable as possible. It fits well and the fact that it’s double layered makes sure you don’t have unnecessary nipple action on the plane. What I like best is that there are no adjustable plastic bits that can dig into your skin and that the entire material is stretchy, as opposed to bras that are stretchy just at the straps and under the bust.

Wash this by hand -- I use this bra almost exclusively for travel because I am completely in love with how comfortable it is. I know if I wore it more often it would lose its shape and elasticity very quickly.

#2: Eberjey India Retro Bralet

My love for lingerie has led me to discovering Eberjey for soft, underwire-less, comfortable and incredibly sexy bras you can wear at home, or if you’re less booby, while you’re out and about.

The India bralet is lined, so again, there are no nipple sightings. If you want to wear something pretty and comfortable under your clothes, this is it. What I don’t like about it? It comes in two sizes S/M, and M/L.

#3: C9 by Champion® Women's Cotton Racer Bra

I picked these up originally for my Bikram yoga sessions, but they turn out to be comfortable and ridiculously cheap ($6.48 on clearance!) that I started wearing them when I travel. This bra provides medium support and has large cups to provide coverage unlike the first two bras I mentioned. The material is soft too. The crisscross overlapping straps might bother some people, but for the price, I couldn’t complain.

A quick tip -- I always bring another pair of knickers to change into midway through my journey so I feel somewhat fresher! Do you have go-to underwear or clothes when you travel?