The $12 Tops That Soak Up Your Sweat

These are simple, cheap, and cute. And no, I'm not talking about an ex-boyfriend.
Publish date:
May 16, 2014
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It was disgustingly hot last summer in NYC. I was subletting an apartment in Fort Greene that didn’t have AC and every time I wanted to use the bathroom I had to walk through the room of the girl who lived there. I contemplated peeing in jars to avoid facing my social anxiety nightmare. I spent my days riding around the subway to castings. I gave up on my bangs and pinned them back because the last thing I wanted was gross wet hair on my face. It was too hot for pants and T-shirts, so I wore shorts and tank tops every day for an entire month. Basically stopped caring about anything and just wanted to survive without looking like a total mess.

I had some time to kill between castings and I didn't want to die from heat exhaustion, so I went inside a Uniqlo store because air conditioning is my savior. I discovered Uniqlo while living in London last year and needed some plain hoodies.

During my NYC visit to the store, I came across a section filled with Airisms tees. White T-shirts are like crack to me so I felt like I just walked into Disneyland if Disneyland were made of...shirts? I guess?

Anyway. Here are some of the styles:

They've been around for a couple years, and I wish I had discovered them earlier. The material is made from Heaven. I feel like I've just discovered the Holy Grail of tank tops. The fabric is just so... normal? Like the seams are simple, the colors are nice, and it stretches to fit you perfectly. The fabric is incredibly light that it almost feels like skin (not creepy at all).

They are quick-drying, meaning all the sweat that gets stuck in the folds of your stomach when you're sitting in traffic for five hours on the 101 freeway in LA or waiting for the G train in Brooklyn at noon in August will no longer leave wet marks on your clothing. No one wants to be mistaken for just having just come from a Bikram yoga class.

The Airism tees are made from a material that has anti-bacterial qualities, meaning it helps keep BO away.

I own five of them: three white tanks, one black tank, and one peach tank. I wear them constantly when it's hot outside. They're also great to wear under button-up shirts or jean jackets.

The sizes range from XS to XXL. Although the XS made my boobs look giant, it made the rest of my stomach look like wrinkly soft-served ice cream, so I opted for the small. The tops are very stretchy and versatile, which is a plus. I'm always on the hunt for the perfect tank top, and these are the winners so far.

Do you have a go-to shirt for sweltering weather that I need to know about? Tell me!