OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: Shall We Talk About #TheDress?

Whether you work white and gold, black and blue, or anything in between this week, this is your outfit thread.
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February 27, 2015
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I didn't think I could start a post about outfits worn this week without first mentioning #TheDress. If you haven't been living under a rock, then you'll know this garment has been causing quite a fuss since last night. Personally my mind was blown when I went from seeing it as white and gold to eventually blue and black (which, as you may know by now, is the actual color of the dress) after a few hours. I mean, the human brain is a very strange thing.

It also got me thinking about a time in high school when my sister and I argued over whether a specific pair of jeans was grey or blue. I can't remember which side I was on, but it was very heated.

Anyway, now that we've touched on that, let's get down to something a little more relevant, which would be the topic of what we all wore this week.

On a thrifting trip earlier in the week, I wore a very Saint Laurent-inspired star print Zara dress and found a boy's tuxedo jacket, apparently designed by Robert Wagner. Weird.

I also had spring on the brain when I bought this vintage Rosemary's Baby–esque mini dress, decades-old beading perfectly intact. While it is made for warmer weather, I now need to find a cute pair of little shorts to wear underneath it, because it is SHORT.

Enough about me and my fun finds, though. You guys killed it in the comments last week, and I want to give you a shining moment of glory.

First off, my brain exploded when I saw Mapsandpeaches in this very va-va-voom dress. The curls, the lips, the poppy print and off-the-shoulder cut . . . oh my. You look like some sort of pre-Raphaelite masterpiece, my dear!

Meowzeltov Cocktail also kept with the retro goddess theme in her leopard halter dress from Trashy Diva. There is nothing trashy about this look at all, though — all class!

  • What did you wear and/or buy this week?
  • Did #TheDress ruin your life?
  • Are you so ready to wear spring clothes?

Tell me all about it in the comments!