I'm Re-Watching That '70s Show and Jackie Is the Best Style Inspiration for 2016

Jackie was — and is! — my mouthy pint-sized style icon.
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April 3, 2016
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When That '70s Show first hit the airwaves in 1998, I wasn't yet in junior high, but I still watched every week. While most of the sex-and-weed jokes went over my tiny, innocent head, I loved the aesthetic of the show. I was a weird kid who loved disco and bellbottoms more than The Offspring and hip-huggers, and so tuning in fit right in with my dorky interests.

I always loved the style of Jackie Burkhart, played by a very young Mila Kunis (who lied about her age to get the audition and was cast when she was just 15). With her shiny dark curls, cropped fur jackets and perfectly-fitted high-waist flares, Jackie was my mouthy pint-sized style icon.

Now that I'm a grown woman who can do what she wants, I've been spending my post-work wind-down time re-watching the sitcom from the beginning in glorious HD thanks to Netflix. There's a lot to love about those first few seasons. The great writing finally shines through as I now actually get those jokes (I've been cackling at Red's quips and Kelso's stupidity for the last few weeks) all while my love affair with Jackie's style has grown and grown stronger than ever before.

Even the high fashion world is still obsessed with the '70s (see: Gucci, Saint Laurent et al.) and Jackie's style seems more of the moment in 2016 than it did back nearly 20 years ago when the show premiered (and holy crap, did anyone else just have a panic attack thinking about the fact that That '70s Show is almost 20 years old? No? Just me?)

Let us take a few moments to dissect Jackie's fabulous wardrobe and see just how on-point it is in our modern world. Shall we?

The Best Accessories

Jackie knows how to finish off an outfit with pizazz, and this usually comes in the form of a little neckerchief. Even before I began re-watching the show, I found myself regularly tying a printed silk scarf or a cotton bandana around my neck in place of a necklace, and it is the perfect way to tie an entire look together. While there are tons of cute scarves available in stores right now, I'd recommend checking out thrift stores for the best deals and prettiest vintage prints.Jackie also favours cute hats, oversized shades, great bags ('70s Gucci, of course) and dainty gold jewels. Understated, she never is.

Jackie does casual well, usually with high-waisted flares or a denim skirt paired with one of her many adorable printed tees. Whether they're emblazoned with a cutesy scene or a slogan, she fits into the '70s trend of statement tees and gives it her own super-feminine spin. As someone who can't stop buying vintage t-shirts with stuff on 'em, I can definitely get behind this look.

Ultimately, Jackie is a girlie-girl and this is never more apparent than when she dresses up. She loves flow-y gowns in chiffon, floral prints, and tons of ruffles, all of which keep popping up in the trends of today, particularly in the designs of brands like Reformation.

And here I am channelling Jackie's style in my own way ...

Fun patterns, a printed tee, oversized shades, an array of neck scarves, a denim mini and a vintage Gucci bag. I hope Jackie would approve, but she would probably just be mean to me.

  • What's your favourite That '70s Show moment?
  • Which of these trends are you most likely to replicate yourself?
  • Who is your own personal TV style icon?