Tell me your favourite fashion 'mistake' and I'll tell you mine...

Publish date:
August 2, 2012
fashion, autumn winter 2012, chloe sevigny, miuccia prada

Can a piece of clothing be so ugly that it goes full circle and becomes beautiful, or at least cool? Miuccia Prada certainly thinks so – she’s built a global brand on taking the conventionally unattractive and flipping it, challenging our aesthetic sensibilities to see it in a different light.

Just look at Miu Miu,’s Autumn/Winter campaign which stars our favourite hipster, Chloe Sevigny, looking impossibly cool in garish flares, sludgy, paisley trouser suits and what I can only describe as clown shoes.

This got me thinking about my biggest fashion ‘mistake’ which has to be a pair of lime green, PVC (sweaty!) clogs that I bought from Faith in 1998. Groove was most definitely in my heart, but sadly not in my feet, which rapidly became blistered in their garish coffins.

Even with Mrs P and Chloe’s help, I don’t think there’s any way I could have made those babies look good and left to my own devices, the best I could manage was a pair of denim pedal pushers. An no, there aren’t any photos of these monstrosities because this was Before The Internet (gasp) and I think even at the time I knew deep down that it was better not to leave any evidence of this period in my style evolution.

Now ‘fess up: what was your biggest fashion mistake and do you even see it as a mistake, or do you stand by your choices?!