OF TAROT CARDS AND BITCHIN’ DYE JOBS: Keepin’ it Weird and Channeling the 90s

I figure it’s about time I come clean about something to you guys -- I’m actually kind of weird.
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August 7, 2012
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So now that I’ve gotten a few articles posted, I figure it’s about time I come clean about something to you guys -- I’m actually kind of weird.

I know thus far my tutorials have been whimsical and delicate, and most of the time people consider ME to be equally as, I don’t know, benign, but in reality I’m kind of sassy and angsty with an insatiable itch to talk back to people who just DON’T GET IT (i.e., the guy on the metro who eyed my knee-high go-go boots with too much disdain).

What I’m trying to say is sometimes, I’ve got a little bit of edge, which is why I did something SUPER DRASTIC to my appearance this weekend. I’m about to start my master’s program! I’m anxious! I’m angsty! I needed change! But more on that later.

So as I was thinking about what to write about next, and as I read (and loved!) Allie’s 90s lips piece, I started brainstorming about how the 90s have kind of infiltrated everything in fashion this year. It’s kind of nuts how many 90s nostalgia shows have walked down the runway and how many Tumblr girls have purchased Bart Simpson T-shirts accordingly. I’m just as guilty of hoarding daisy prints, platform shoes and crop tops.

So I got to thinking! How should 90s enthusiasts pull off this look without over-doing it? I’m a fan of nodding to a trend but not killing it. Anyone can pull off dark lipstick, platforms, sheerness, and flower-print. Now, these things don’t have to be worn ALL AT ONCE, though it might be tempting to do so.

Example UNO: The shoes.

Call me crazy, but I think platforms are totally doable. You don’t have to wear them in a way that draws too much attention and I think they can add just the right amount of flare and spunk to something as simple as, say, a pair of jeans.

I wear these bad boys with flow-y skirts or dresses, which kind of adds the perfect amount of aggression to a sweet, girly outfit. I found you these at Urban Outfitters.

They're a little on the punky side, but I have faith that they can be pulled off with many outfits.

Example DOS. The Lipstick.

Dark lipstick doesn’t have to channel goth. I mean, truly black lipstick is a whole other story that could get a little bit messy, but dark lipstick is actually kind of chic and amazing. It can also express just the right amount of angst, as shown in this picture below where I’m clearly in the middle of snarking about something in front of my Kurt Cobain poster.

See! I think it works well, so long as it’s a dark color mixed with a tinge of either purple or red. My color is called Va Va Violet (don’t you LOVE it) from Revlon and it cost me about 7 bucks.

Example TRES. The Flower-print and some sheerness!

The 90s had a lot of daisies going on. Daisies in hair, daisies on clothes ... really, daisies everywhere!

A Vintage 90s Daisy dress as, you know, proof or whatever

And though I love the flowery homage to the 60s that arose in the 90s, I don’t like to be too obvious about it. I opt for flowery lace (remember the Edie peach number?) or colorless flower print that gets away with adding texture to an outfit without too much chaos going on. Take this daisy T-shirt for example!

Or this sheer tunic top with small flowers printed along it. You can’t really tell in this pic, but trust they are THERE.

I found similar sheerness and floweriness for all of you on Urban again!

So, what else did I do this weekend that kind of went with these 90s vibes? Well, for one, I read everyone’s tarot at my house in Northern Virginia this weekend when I was visiting my parents. Turns out my dad has the ability to connect with occult power, though he refused to believe it. Pansy. And my mom is gonna ace her new job with newfound creativity! Good news all around!

One thing I didn’t really foresee, however, was that big ol’ appearance change I mentioned earlier. I got my Gwen Stefani on, you guys! The ultimate 90s move! YES, I am now a platinum blonde.

Gwennie being awesome.

Me being Gwen.

I even put on black eyeliner and some red lipstick in her honor, people! Some Rimmel Moisture Renew 850 “Rouge” to be exact. That stuff is AMAZING. And so liquid-y and soft! Go buy some! The color works on almost anyone, I swear.

But back to my crazed dye job! Told you I was kind of weird. And impulsive. But in a good way, as always! This guy named Hero at a Virginia PR at Partners was the only guy willing to do it, it took forever to find him! He’s my Hero (see what I did there? I hate myself. But I love myself!)

This felt like getting slimed at the Kid’s Choice Awards…how appropriate!

And here’s me being narcissistic and reveling in the shade of it all.

I just feel so rad and positively bitchy! Especially in these Rose McGowan Doom Generation sunglasses, right?!

This movie is INSANE and so painfully 90’s. Watch it in your platforms, grrrls.

My glasses are thrifted (ah-doi!), but if you want to channel this retro look, jump on any cat-eye sunglasses. Target has a bunch for like 12 bucks! Amazing!

And thus culminates my 90s weekend of tarot readings, crop tops, platforms and the zany aftermath of inhaling so many fumes. This post is kind of all over the place, I'm sorry! My brain is forever mush! At least I look cool, right?