FIND IT FOR EMILY: "A Summer wedge Sandal That Isn't Made Out of Like, Wood, Cork and Straw"

Emily has crazy-specific shoe requirements.
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May 30, 2012
footwear, summer, sandals, wedges, woods

Hi Julie,

I need a summer wedge sandal that isn't made out of like, wood, cork and straw? I don't live in the fucking forest. Closed toe preferred, but I'm willing to try an open toe this summer. Three-ish inches or under.

xo Emily

It's hard out here for an anti-espadrille chick. Espadrilles are sort of a footwear classic and a summer mainstay. Not to mention they've been around since the 14th century, which means rope-soled shoes aren't going away any time soon. Ditto wooden wedges. With that said, there are plenty of other summer wedge options that aren't made from foresty natural materials.

As for the open-toe issue, you'll feel me on this -- sometimes New York City in the summer is so sac-sweatingly hot that even your toes need ventilation. And for those days, I bring you a few peep-toe options and one full-frontal open-toed wedge.

Let's have a look.

Wedge World

Vera Wang Lavendar Taryn Sandal, $175: More of a flatform than a traditional wedge, this 3 1/2 inch sandal is also available in "natural" which sounds dangerously close to the woodland shoes Emily hates so much.

Melissa Petchouli $139: Until recently I had avoided complexion-matching heels -- the bandage dress of footwear -- but then I came into a pair and they're so transformatively flattering that I can't stop wearing them. These shiny nude wedges work for those who have fair skin like Emily to elongate legs and they suit everything.

Dolce Vita Illa Wedge, $139: Pair these sensible peep-toe wedges with a pencil skirt for work, then wear them at the weekend with little shorts.

Marais Closed Toe Wedge, $115: Does everyone know about Marais? They make really elegant, reasonably priced shoes (I didn't say affordable, I said reasonable) that last for seasons without looking tired or trendy, and these 3 inch wedges are no exception.

What do you think of these wedges? Are you annoyed that I didn't throw in an under $100 option? I promise to follow up with a Top 50 Under $50 or something for being so priceist. Does that work?

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