If there's one thing I think everyone ought to wear this Winter, it's a suit.
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November 21, 2014
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Last time I wrote this, I was fawning over lipgloss boost's Zara suit, and it made me realize that though my dream of owning a sold-together set of perfectly tailored jacket and trousers is yet to come true, that doesn't mean I can't improvise for a similar sleek look.

Earlier this week I headed out with my dad for burgers and "Interstellar" in IMAX (entertaining, loud, made me cry a few times), and I decided to wear my own pulled-together suit.

For the jacket, I wore a wool boys' blazer with narrow satin lapels that I picked up at a theatre wardrobe sale in the Summer. (This H&M jacket is similar, down to the sheen of the lapels.) I find boys' jackets and vests fit me best because my shoulders are so narrow (tote bags and bra straps are always slipping off, argh), and I prefer the masculine tailoring.

For the trousers I chose a cropped pair from Merona at Target (this pair, if we're being specific), and the shirt was taken from the men's section at a thrift store (confusing to button, but I like how slouchy the fit is). I finished with a narrow leather belt, some vintage leather loafers and red lipstick. My Graze Hartzel-in-her-Saint Laurent-campaign dreams sort of realized, at about 10% of the cost.

In a similar vein, I'm all about this single-button Zara blazer with matching pants. In tomato red, you can wear it to basically every holiday party, with a white silk blouse underneath or a black tank top. And of course with suits there's the power of breaking up the pieces. I wear the above blazer constantly as a layering piece - over shredded T-shirts or pretty dresses, all to ground the look and make me seem like I've got my act together.

Now on to you ever-inspiring bunch. I kind of flipped when softcastlemccormick posted her BlackMilkClothing Hieronymus Bosch painting printed dress. My inner art history nerd leaped. I mean, I fully plan on giving my future son the middle name Hieronymus (the middle name, less likely to be teased!). I always support the collision of fashion and art, so thumbs up from me.

Then we had the lovely cakesandcakesvintage in an ensemble that got me immediately in the holiday spirit. The white blouse, red wool skirt and that head scarf all reminded me of old-world holiday tales and a little bit of Heidi too. I'm picturing her on a sleigh headed through Vienna in search of festive pastries. I'm really, really excited about Christmas, OK?!

Have a great weekend guys, and thank you all for being endlessly positive and supportive. Xoxo.