STYLE 911: "I Need Some Tips on How Not to Look Like Someone's Mom"

Ask yourself, "what would Solange Knowles wear?"
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June 19, 2012
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Julie, help! I need some tips on how not to look like someone's mom ... even though I am. I'm looking for casual, wearable (I'm talking running around in the park) outfits and shoes I can buy for summer. And I'm in the market for fashionable sunglasses that aren't too pricey.

Also, do you any have tips on how I could wear my hair to keep it out of my face but still look pretty? Keep in mind the look has to withstand playing with a toddler.

xo Sharon

I say embrace the ways in which motherhood influences your style! So what if delicate fabrics and skimpy things aren't practical for play time? You appear more effortless and authentic in child-proof clothes anyway. Look at the way Brooklyn-based mom Solange Knowles dresses. I know she's a celebrity, but I still like to think she takes her kid to the playground like a reg. Ditto Michelle Williams.

I threw together a few park-approved, kid-friendly outfits that accommodate your mom status without broadcasting it. Because there's nothing inherently unfashionable about having babies.

Joe Fresh Open Knit Sweater, $49. Zara Straight Jeans, $50.Cat Eye Sunglass, $15. Joia Walz Oxford, $49.

You can also swap out the oxfords for a pair of brightly colored flatforms and go from playground to garden party.

Zara Blazer, $90.Weekday Tank, $50. Madewell Seawall Shorts, $65. Topshop Fortune Sandals, $90.

That neon jacket works just as well at night with a leather skirt and booties as it does for school runs paired with shorts and flats. And I just ordered one for myself.

As for keeping your hair, which I assume is on the long side, out of the way, why not try a doughnut bun or a loose side braid?

Moms, what do you wear while looking after your little ones? Dog moms count too. Tell me! I've never even taken care of a plant.

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