The stingy shopper: Swatch watch

Publish date:
July 23, 2012
shoppables, fashion, neon, swatch

When I was younger I had a mild obsession with Swatch watches – I loved their colourful plastic straps and jazzy details and would pore over the catalogue each year, choosing which one to ask for as a birthday or Christmas present. For the past few years I’ve been wearing an old-school Casio, but recently I remembered my old affection for Swatches and decided to get one with my birthday money. And here is it – at £32, Swatch's Lady in 'Mint Leave' is a prime example of Stingy Shopping at its best.

Swatch watch and neon beaded bracelets from H&M

It has a really long strap in neon turquoise rubber that you wrap twice around your wrist and a small, simple face with white numbers and hands. I’m going through a bit of a day-glo phase at the moment with my accessories – a flash of fluoro orange, fuchsia or aqua on a bra strap, handbag or bracelet gives a burst of energy to a classic outfit (I wear a lot of navy). I like wearing it with a cluster of stretchy, neon beaded bracelets I bought from H&M (£3.99 for eight) to really ramp up the colours.

I believe the primary function of clothes and accessories is to give the wearer pleasure (as opposed to ticking some ‘trend’ box) and this is even more important when it’s something you use frequently like a bag or jacket, or every single day like a watch. Every time I glance down at my wrist throughout the day, I feel happy looking at this jazzy neon number.

Also, it might sound silly but reconnecting with a brand that I associate with childhood triggers warm feelings of nostalgia too (so I should probably see what Naf Naf is up to these days…)

Do you have something in your wardrobe that makes you smile every time you wear it? Tell me about your everyday style heroes!