Stealthy Street Style: Retro Color Party

I only feel mildly creepy about snapping this cool stranger in Manhattan.
Publish date:
April 7, 2011
new york city, street style, thank god for camera phones

I walked behind this super cool girl on Mulberry Street in Manhattan. I was immediately captivated by her rad mustard tweed -probably vintage- coat with fur trim, pink fishnet tights and turquouse wedge sandals. We walked the same path for a few blocks, and I'm glad because it took me a while to figure out that I should snap her awesomeness to save for posterity. [And next time you can catch up to her and ask her where she got it, please please? --Jane]

See? When it comes to colors, sometimes more is more! Especially when the colors have a similar "vibe" (I could call these "saturated 70's.")

If you need inspiration for matching your colors, Wear Palettes is a blog that makes color palettes out of street style images. It may inspire you to pull things out of your closet and try combinations you've never even noticed before. And then some chick will take your picture on the street, post it on a website and fawn over your exquisite style. Cause that's the ultimate compliment in the 21st-century world, right?