How To Wear A Statement Coat Like Someone Who Always Gets Photographed For Street Style Blogs

Maybe if we adorn ourselves in coats of bright pinks, florals, or swingy cuts we can trick ourselves into behaving like it's spring!
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December 15, 2014
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The power of a statement coat is real. More so than your regular statement necklace, shoe or lip, the coat can enter a room before you do, telling everyone in your office/subway car/favorite brunch spot, "Hey. This chick is serious. (Even if the coat is maybe not.)"

However, since the whole point of a coat is to cover your body, it can be, in the words of Tim Gunn, a lot of look. But it's almost 2015, and a girl’s got plenty of styling options. While my personal style veers more Lady Gaga than Kate Middleton (despite an earnest campaign to convince my friends to refer to me as Princess Kate before she went and married Prince William, thereby ousting me from the title spot) there are plenty of ways to style a statement coat without letting it cramp your style.

My coat of choice is this here pink rabbit fur number. It happens to be sickeningly on trend right now because it’s pastel pink and fuzzy like a muppet. (It’s also thrifted!)

There are myriad benefits to an outlandish coat like this one outside of just being super on-point this year. For one, the woolly worms were all jet black this year; according to my baby daddy’s holler-in-Kentucky-dwelling family, this means we are in for a horrible winter. I always trust folk wisdom over the Doppler report, because it’s been around longer. So whether you opt for thick, fuzzy, woolen, or puffy you can stay comfers-cozers through it all.

For two, bad weather for an extended period of time not only wreaks havoc on commutes and social lives, it just makes you sad. Well, it makes me sad. And I’m very important to me. Maybe if we adorn ourselves in coats of bright pinks, florals, or swingy cuts we can trick ourselves into behaving like it's spring!

Now, if you have a crazy coat and not a thing to pair it with, rejoice! The styling options range from allowing the piece to speak for itself, or elevating the rest of the outfit into the magical Adventure Time world the coat creates.

On the left, I’ve paired a simple oversized chiffon button down with some black-on-black houndstooth trousers. Flirting with texture while keeping the silhouette modest and the color scheme basic lets me walk into the office in a dazzling cloud of girlishness; but then I just sling the coat over the desk chair and signal to everyone that I mean business (but wouldn’t say no to happy hour -- Ketel Cosmo, with a Red Bull).

Then we’ve got our weekend (or as we call it in New York, brunch time) look on the right. Keep it casual and toasty with tri-blend leggings and a Heattech turtle neck. If your socks are thick enough, this simple outfit can get you through the wintriest of days. I love the feel of this, because it makes me feel like an off duty-model for whom furs are just like, no big deal. If models were allowed to be a whole foot shorter, I’d surely get seen at Agave and signed in no time.

Of course, you can always dress as if to say, “Well, rise to the challenge, Tribianni. I just raised the bar, come join me up here!” Which is where this Lumpy Space Princess look comes in. Support whatever your statement the coat is making, just daring New School students with fashion blogs to photograph you. Mine is a Sparkle and Face unicorn dress, a 3.1 Phillip Lim leather belt, and some vintage boots obviously meant for the moon.

Do you dare to clothe yourself in a statement coat? I’ve picked out some of my current favorites for you, because I care.


Dress like our friends, the weather-predicting woolly worms. Go anywhere from pink like me to color blocked.


Why choose one color, when you can have coats with ALL the colors? Pair with almost anything since leopard print and florals are basically neutrals.


Because bright colors can maybe help fight off SAD? This is proven absolutely nowhere except my brain, but I still say it’s worth a shot.

May your winter be tolerable!