Confusing weather calls for creative layering.
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April 24, 2015
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In a fit of warm weather-induced joyousness, I packed up all of my Winter clothing a few weeks ago. Thick wooly sweaters, thin merino turtlenecks, velvet skirts - they all went into a space bag which I vacuum-sealed and zipped into a suitcase, never to be seen again, at least until October rolls around.

Turns out this action was a little preemptive. The last few days have been full of freezing rain, hail, and even the odd snowfall. I'm really not impressed, and I'm dressing a little ... off. Layering light jackets, wearing Summer dresses with tights. I feel thoroughly confused every morning when I look at the weather report and ask myself, "wait, what does that temperature feel like?"

Yesterday the temperature hovered around 3 degrees Celsius (about 37 Fahrenheit, for my American friends). Without any wintry garments, I opted for a summery, lacy white H&M dress (seen in this post) (a similar style can be purchased here), topped with a vintage boys' wool blazer, a fringed '70s scarf, a '50s fur jacket (the warranty from 1957 is still stitched in the pocket!) and underneath it all, thick tights, because it's cold!

Now, last week seems like it was a million years ago (I spent last Friday sitting in the sunny park with only t-shirt sleeves. Sigh.) But let's reminisce anyhow and look back on the great outfits you guys shared.

While it may not qualify as an "outfit", nerdtak will be wearing this new tattoo forever, and I think we can all agree that it is beautiful (and perfect timing for this slow coming of Spring).

I also loved Devibri's mix of neutral patterns and textures, not to mention that perfect ombré!

  • Has your wardrobe been confused by the up-and-down weather?
  • What did you wear this week?