I Never Actually Work Out, So I've Just Started Wearing My Sports Bras as Regular Tops

Sports bras ain’t cheap, and I hate to think of money just sitting there in my underwear drawer.

I know how gratingly tiresome it is to hear yet another woman sigh-whine, “I haaaaate sports!” But y’all, I really do. I hate playing sports. I hate watching sports. I hate talking sports. Except for a brief middle school phase when I convinced myself I was a surfer chick after watching “Blue Crush” (despite the fact that I lived in Maryland four hours from a beach and am terrified of the ocean), I’ve never fostered any desire for athleticism. Group activities in general turn me off. Public displays of athleticism gross me out.

I do, however, enjoy some good “sportswear.” Every few months, I wake up in a frenzy with the sudden impulse to get, like, really in shape. Without fail, I will spend a couple of days in yoga pants and sports bras feverishly searching Pinterest for “fitspiration” and juice recipes. Then I actually spend maybe thirty or forty minutes working out and I’m like, “Oh right, I hate this” and I take a nap.

So I might never have the calf definition of my dreams, but I have amassed quite a collection of sporty gear thanks to those ephemeral bursts of athletic energy. Sports bras ain’t cheap, and I hate to think of money just sitting there in my underwear drawer though. For a person who rarely wears a bra at all, and who even more rarely participates in sports, I own a lot of sports bras.

That’s why I’m excited about the sports bra becoming sort of a trend lately. It is, right? The word “trend” makes me itch, but athletic inspired womenswear was definitely spotted on more than a few runways recently and nothing screams “Yeah, I’m a sexy team player” more than a good sports bra.

It isn’t difficult to incorporate sports bras into your everyday wear. They’re essentially just really tight crop tops, right? I’m so pleased to see the crop top trend is still going strong. My midriff is my favorite body part, except for my big, smart, sexy brain of course.

The trick to wearing a sports bra without looking like a Sporty Spice knockoff is to pair it with non-athletic pieces. Keep the rest of your look sleek and somewhat sophisticated so as to tone down the jock vibes of your top.

See here, I’ve paired a simple black sports bra with some patterned, high-waisted pants from Target, a plain black Banana Republic blazer, and these Chinese Laundry heels my dad got me when I was 13 and we were in Vegas to see Celine Dion. (I’m arbitrarily sentimental.)

This is a look that’s easily achieved, and also easily altered to fit your mood or closet. Switch out the blazer for a bomber jacket, or switch out the heels for a point-toe flat. Add a statement necklace for some more flair. Go with a high waisted skirt rather than pants.

The high waist keeps the sports bra out of early 2000’s hip-hop video girl territory (though that is GOOD territory to be in), and the black blazer on top keeps the look calm and put together. Well, as put together as you can look in a cropped top.

For those of you not as cool with stomach-baring as I am (which is totally fine), why not layer a sports bra underneath a sheer top or chunky knit sweater? Shirts that don’t actually hide your body at all have been on trend for a while and I own too many sweaters that are just fancy mesh at this point.

For this look, I paired a green blob of a sweater with the actual best black jeggings in the world (that are on sale right now! go buy them!) and black booties.

This is a good option for those of you who don’t want to show quite as much skin, but are morally opposed to camisoles like I am. Also, pairing a sports bra with a regular ol’ outfit is a great idea if you have kids or a dog and you always end up running after them. Or at least, I assume. I have two cats and small boobs and will die alone, probably.

Lots of outfits can be pumped up a notch if you replace that basic camisole with a cool sports bra. I have this daisy print pinafore dress from Target that I would normally pair with a tank top or tee, but it looks cute with a yellow sports bra as well.

Still not sold? Here are a few more outfits to consider.

Do you somehow not own a sports bra? Or maybe you don’t think any of yours are cute enough for public wear? Let me tell you, sports bras have come a LONG way. Check it. Here are some that I’m dying to wear right this very second.

All right, y’all. Let me know if you would ever wear a sports bra as a top and tell me about your favorite sports bra while you’re at it.