Some More Observations From London Fashion Week

Rain, socks and sandals and my favourite show from Sunday...
Publish date:
September 16, 2013
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This was the scene yesterday afternoon down at Somerset House - I'd gone there to see if I could photograph some interesting people in cool outfits... but there weren't anyway. Soggy and deserted. Oh well...

Anyway! Here are some other thoughts and observations that have been running through my head as I've been doing London Fashion Week at my own leisurely pace this weekend...

  • I've been thinking about this one for a while now and I'm sorry, but wearing your coat or jacket draped over your shoulders just looks really silly. Put your ARMS in your SLEEVES for goodness sake. Honestly.
  • Hats are A Thing. They're everywhere. Totally normal now. I really like this - I wish we lived in an age where it was the norm to step outside wearing hat and gloves - an outfit looks so finished with those punctuation marks, I feel. I love wearing hats and have a nice little collection, but always feel a bit odd wearing one - must get over this self-consciousness.
  • Everyone's wearing cosy socks with their heels, platforms, sandals etc, including me.
  • I love it when I take a bus from one show to the next and see the people who took a cab arriving after me. Heh.
  • I don't love queuing in the rain for ages outside a show venue only to be told they're at capacity and can only fit the oversubscribed front row in. Not cool.

This was my favourite show from Sunday - Eugene Lin at Fashion Scout.

The Singapore-born, London-based designer showed a collection with a strict colour palette of ivory, black and eye-searing tangerine. One fabric was beautifully embossed with a feather-like pattern - materials which have had interesting things done to them have been a dominant theme this season - and there was a cool, sporty, pared-back aesthetic to the clothes.

I loved the way different textures were layered in the same dress and the crisply pleated little skirts - they reminded me of netball skirts from school.

And here's wot I wore: ancient Gap jumper dress, navy John Lewis school blazer (so synthetic it emerges from the washing machine bone-dry), navy woolly tights from good ol' JL too, Hobbs broguey-platform-things and new, beloved 3.1 Phillip Lim bag.