So This Happened And Now I'm Rocking A Watch On Each Arm

But which side tells "douchebag time"?
Publish date:
August 1, 2011
accessories, fun, swatch, watches

I have been wearing a watch on my left wrist every day since high school. Even though back then we all had pagers (well, in Puerto Rico we called them beepers) that told the time, and now we have cellphones and iPods and iPads and whatchamacallits that do that same thing, I still wear one. I am a creature of habit and I feel naked without it. I've probably left my house without it on once in the past year.

My everyday watch was a gift from my mom a few years ago, she bought it at the Miami airport while traveling, but lately I've been looking at new options since I have a feeling that this one is going to bite the dust soon. This search was of course documented on xoJane because if you want something but don't blog about it, it's like it never happened. It's like the new version of the tree falling in the forest.

And so now thanks to the magic of the internet and friends and cool people (thanks Robbie!), the extra-long wrap-around Swatch watch is mine. I was so stoked to put it on, but when I took off my regular watch to try on the new one, it just didn't feel right. It was too little, too loose, like it didn't make sense on my arm. I set it aside and thought about it for a few days; there must be a way I can make it work. Then last night I tried it on my right arm, where I have an assortment of friendship bracelets I share with my BFFs (yeah, it's not just a clever name) and all of a sudden BOOM! Perfection. It made perfect sense. But can I really just start wearing a watch on my right arm after years of lefty-looking? And how was I going to deal with the right wrist nudity? My tattoo would look so lonely and middle-of-nowhere-y without a watch to anchor it. There was only one solution.

Wear both watches.

So now I'm that guy, rocking two watches like it's no big deal. Currently they are both set to NYC time, but I think I should take it to the next level and set the Swatch to Paris time. I don't actually have a reason to know what time it is in Paris constantly, but the sheer jerkiness of being like "this watch is on Paris time" is almost too irresistible to handle. I thought also about calling it "Zurich time," but I dunno, Paris still wins in its pretentiousness. Of course now I have a new set of problems like, should the watches match? Or should each arm live individually from each other? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Do you guys think I've finally lost my grasp on reality? Wait, don't answer that. And stay tuned for how you can win your very own Limetta watch!