It's A Skirt! It's A Pair of Leggings! It's "SKEGGINGS?"

I dislike a clothing portmanteau as much as the next gal but what else could you call a skirt + leggings besides skeggings?
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September 23, 2013
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Have you ever thought "OMG, I so want to wear this comfy pair of leggings but just can't bear to show the world the outline of my ass and panties?"

Et moi, kids. Et moi.

I'm constantly looking for a top to wear with leggings that's long enough to skim my bum yet not so long that it starts to resemble a dress.

This is a harder endeavor than you may realize. A tunic is a wee bit too long, and a regular oversize tee is just a touch too short. What's a girl meant to wear with an intense collection of leggings???

I just last week found the ultimate solution to this pressing problem, but it's a terrible thing if you are a fan of words, because it has a most unfortunate name: SKEGGINGS.

Yep. A skirt + leggings = skeggings. That sound you hear is my eyeballs liquefying in horror at such a disturbing word mashup. But behold this amazing garment:

It's a skirt built into a pair of leggings. So, if it's like, freezing outside, you don't actually have to GET DRESSED or anything -- you can just throw on a pair of skeggings and call it a day.

Skeggings are almost exclusively worn by toddlers and 4-year-olds so they can play on the monkey bars without showing the whole playground their pink cotton panties. But this is a travesty, and I'm aiming to make them de rigueur for every fashionable chick I know.

Because I have a pretty stellar collection of T-shirts. But I get bored of wearing them with skirts + tights and boring boring boring skinny jeans, so the idea of popping on a skirt that's already married to a pair of leggings is tops.

I wish I knew who first thought of this brilliant idea, but when I Googled "origin of skeggings" all I got was stupid Google suggesting that perhaps what I meant was "the origin of sayings" or "the origin of skiing" or "the origin of singing". NO, GOOGLE, I MEANT NONE OF THOSE. So, I'm sorry I can't give Internet props to whomever came up with this gross word, but I love it.

You may not be familiar with the concept of a "superdress", but it's basically a garment that you can wear to work, out to dinner, to a late-night rock show, right to bed, and back out to breakfast the next morning. My dude came up with the name after witnessing me wear one single dress through this exact progression of events -- and still look great, DUH.

A skegging falls squarely into the category of a "superdress" type garment -- it's basically a workhorse in your wardrobe. It's a piece that never fails you, and can easily be worn with almost anything you own to any occasion with the right accessories.

I wear T-shirts, black tights and cotton skirts all the live-long day in winter -- but I spend a good half of every day straightening my skirt and untwisting my tights from where they have wedged themselves somewhere behind my backside.

A pair of skeggings covers everything you want and stays put, period. There's nowhere for them to go. I might sew (or just safety pin!) all my skirts onto a pair of tights to create a DIY skegging.

Skeggings!! by alison-freer featuring fold over leggings

These are all waiting to be paired with a oversized T-shirt bearing a ridiculous message, a pair of classic engineer boots, simple pearl-look jewelry and a slouchy cardigan. It's really the perfect slouchy, cozy winter look.

Kate Moss Tee by alison-freer featuring a bow ring

I just saw those boots in person at Target over the weekend. The buckles are very pleasingly super shiny gold and it's a shockingly decent boot for such a low price -- $34.99! And yes, that's the T-shirt version of my sold-out $118 sweatshirt for a mere $28.99.

Sometimes clothes are made strictly for beauty. Their only function is to be třes chic and fashionable. But in my world, clothes are meant to be really friggin useful. Skeggings are a brilliant invention! So join me in wearing them all winter, won't you? We can be radical sisters luxuriating in stylish comfort, toasty warm and not worrying about our underwear hanging out.

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