Six Ways to Wear The Sleeveless Sheer Collared Shirt

This underrated basic is my absolute favourite wardrobe staple.
Publish date:
February 11, 2014
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I’m pretty big on the idea of having a strong base wardrobe with a few staple items to build up from. Though my style is constantly evolving, and getting a little bit wilder everyday, there are a couple key items I refuse to live without: Black jeans, heeled booties, loafers, a soft plain white T-shirt, a good wool coat, and a collared sleeveless sheer top. The last one on that list doesn’t seem like a must-have though does it? Well it is, and here’s why:

The sleeveless sheer collared shirt (lets say SSC to simplify things) is by far the most versatile item in my closet. I got this plain, cheap one from H+M three years ago and it is literally turning yellow and coming apart because I’ve worn it so much (a rare feat considering how much clothing I have!) Think about it: When can you NOT wear this piece?

Whether your SSC has sleeves or not (the sleeveless part isn’t mandatory if you’re not into arm showing), I promise you can wear this style top any time of year with everything for all different occasions. Think layered under a cozy sweater with just the collar poking out, semi-undone with a lacy bra and a pencil skirt, tied up with shorts and a beach hat for a day by the pool. The possibilities are endless!

Here are my six personal favorite ways to wear it:

1. Layered under a sweater

I love the collared-shirt-under-sweater look, but I feel restricted and uncomfortable if I wear a shirt that’s too stiff or with long sleeves. The SSC is lightweight and flexible under a sweater, which makes them the perfect pairing (though in below 0 degree weather I tend to layer another cotton tank underneath for added warmth!)

2. Layered under a sweetheart cut top or dress

This is one of my absolute favourite layering combos. The collar adds a darling touch of detail to your already cute sweetheart apparel, and if you add Step 3 on top of it, a whole new level of adorable occurs! This combo is also great if your dress or top is a little too revealing and you want a bit more coverage.

3. With a ribbon round the neck

This is a simple but charming addition to any collared shirt. I frequent my local Mokuba store in search of the perfect ribbons, and add them onto anything collared when I want to feel a little bit more special. This is an extra lovely look if you can find some adorable patterned ribbon! I have my eye on a pink strawberry one at the moment…

4. Tied over a dress

This is my favourite workplace option. I have a lot of pretty revealing/busty spaghetti strap or strapless dresses that I couldn’t normally wear in a lot of situations, but adding an SSC overtop instantly transforms my dress into a skirt/top combo that I can wear pretty much anywhere!

5. Tucked into a cute skirt

Simple and chic, the SSC shirt looks great tucked into pretty much every skirt ever.

6. Tied up with shorts

The most summery option, tying up your SSC with a pair of jeans or shorts is the perfect answer to your beach day and bbq outfit issues. It’s simple and easy, but looks put together and summery! Now go, shop! Get yourself an SSC!