Shun The Sun And Make Like A Posh Goth In Some Velvet Shoes

Here are my favourites, and yes it’s ridiculous that I’m doing this in August, but what can I say, if you want the good stuff, you’ve got to get in early. Buy now or forever hold your peace!
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August 29, 2013
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As you may have gathered, I am totally and utterly over summer now – August feels like it’s been about 7 weeks long, the sticky weather is annoying, the city smells of garbage and I want to wear the new season’s clothes and make-up NOW. (Yes, I will be reading these words with a wry smile come January when we haven’t seen the sun for an eternity, but such is my fickle nature.)

It’s also unfortunate that in a fortnight London Fashion Week will be rolling around again, with the designers showing us their Spring/Summer 2014 collections, while we’re supposed to be wearing the Autumn/Winter 2013 trends. Except it’ll be too hot, so if I do attempt wool, leather and tweed, I’ll be sweating like a P.I.G. And if I stick to my summer clothes, I’ll feel unfashionable. I tell you, it’s hard being me sometimes.

Anyway, the easiest way to ease yourself into a new season is always via accessories, those trusty little punctuation marks that can deliver maximum impact with minimum effort (and expenditure – it’s always smart to update trusty old wardrobe faithfuls with a bit of high street jazziness rather than buying into a trend wholesale.)

The AW catwalk trend I’m zooming in on this week is velvet, and specifically velvet footwear. There is something so beautifully opulent about a velvet shoe, whether it’s a slipper that’s been wittily/pretentiously (delete as appropriate) embroidered with LOLzy sayings in Latin, or a velvet stiletto pump, as sleek as a pampered cat.

So here are my favourite velvet shoes, and yes it’s ridiculous that I’m doing this in August, but what can I say, if you want the good stuff, you’ve got to get in early – come October the shops will be full of swimsuits or somesuch nonsense. Buy now or forever hold your peace!

Now if you have loads of money, may I suggest you a) gimme some plz and b) buy these Dolce & Gabbana blood-red velvet Mary Janes. Warghhh they’re just so gorgeous I can’t even stand it.

Continuining the deliriously expensive theme, consider these prim and proper block-heeled babies from Valentino, with their demure bows. Worthy of the Queen Mum.

Ok let's jazz things up a bit with ASOS' purple velvet wedges, which I would describe as 'blogger shoes', not in any negative way, but simply for the reason that I can only imagine style bloggers having the chutzpah to wear these - probably with leather leggings or something equally amazing.

Well hello midnight blue velvet ankle booties. These beauties from Opening Ceremony walk the fine line between tomboyish and fancy with aplomb.

These dark burgundy velvet t-bar shoes from Office are adorable - they remind me of a similar, mint green pair I had in the mid-90s which I would wear with floaty little slip dresses - a wannabe Winona in downtown Epsom. I'd wear these with grey woolly tights and an A-line shift - grungy but gamine.

Dr Martens + velvet + Chelsea boot = awesome. Enough said. Wear with drainpipe jeans or a '60s mini and pretend your in the Shangri Las.

These Zara two-tone slippers are probably the most summery of the bunch and therefore the easiest way to transition into the new season. The rich chocolate and buttercup yellow will look great with a late summer tan and cropped trousers.

Trust Skandi brand & Other Stories to give the velvet trend a cool, intellectual twist (in fash-land awkward/ugly = intellectual, alright? Don’t blame me, blame Comme de Garcons.)

I love the subtlety of these black velvet slippers from Miss KG - they're a bit 'Masterpiece Theatre' (to be worn with a smoking jacket and pipe) and the dainty gold toecap ticks another trend box. How can one small shoe deliver so much? During the day I'd wear these with rolled up indigo skinny jeans, but they'd look equally good as the sensible flat foil to a cocktail frock.

And finally, a bit of Kenzo, because, why not? That tiger's still roaring away on the new season sweatshirts, but I love it even more embroidered on these classic slippers.