Indie Lingerie That Will Make You Feel Like an Angel/Freak/Goddess on All Those Cold Winter Nights

These boutique brands are competing with the pink and black giant by designing lingerie with better sizing and more diverse styles.
Publish date:
December 22, 2014
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I think I own only one bra that fits me the way it’s supposed to. It makes me feel pretty damn fine because, unlike every other bra I own, there isn’t a gaping space between the cup and my boobs. This magical black bra, with no biting center piece or straps that slip off, frames my small A-cups nicely. It also gives an accurate idea of what to expect when I remove said bra (my other bras give the impression that I’m anywhere between a B and Pam Anderson).

Everyone should own AT LEAST a few little, pretty things that make them feel like a sexy angel/freak/goddess. Yet, I think most women feel bummed or bored with their lingerie -- or perhaps they think it’s too silly or too much lace to match their aesthetic. With the magic of e-shops like Etsy, lingerie bloggers, and some dissatisfied women taking action, the world of lingerie is becoming more exciting and more inclusive.

Lingerie start-ups and boutique labels are providing much-needed diversity in size and design. Finally, we have more options for lingerie that does femininity in more imaginative ways -- and with attention to better fit and sizing for all body shapes.

Right now, I’m pretty much exclusively wear thongs (because of wearing leggings in the winter), but the threat of annoying things like yeast infections remind me that airy underwear is important. Enter the very elegant Vega Bikini by Fortnight Lingerie. This label is reinventing underwear basics by making them stylish, yet well-tailored and comfortable. The price for a pair, which ranges from $29 to $58, might be a little high, but a mini-splurge is worth it for high-quality material like their chevron jacquard lace and latex-free elastics.

Just taking the quiz on True & Co. made me feel relieved. I’ve never before been asked about the shape of my boobs during a bra fitting (widely spaced and bottom-heavy, thank you very much), or whether the center part digs into my chest. It’s nice to have all of these aspects thoroughly accessed, instead of just a quick two-part measure. Once you complete the quiz, bras are suggested that fall within the parameters of your answers. Their Across the Universe bra, with light padding in just the right places, is a best seller.

FRKS Lingerie is a Hungarian label that hand-stitches lingerie with museum-worthy designs of animals, moons, and flowers. This is a gem of an Etsy shop with completely divine pieces that seem like they should be more expensive than they are considering the intricate, hand-embroidered details. These high-waisted panties stitched with a simple, folkloric floral design look like something a 1930s bride would have worn on her wedding night.

Negative Underwear’s collection feels like sitting alone in your underwear illuminated by your laptop glow, yet still looking hot as hell. This bra is both comfortable and sexy, and it’s nice to see attention paid to a soft, supportive underband (it’s the root of the bra, after all). Can we all agree that more boa prints in lingerie and in life in general is a good thing?

Freya Pansy Midnight Padded Longline Bra, $54

Freya’s Midnight Longline Bra has the trendy silhouette of a bralette, albeit one with more support. I like the low cut neckline paired with thick straps and a dark floral print. As a big fan of wearing bras as tops, I would consider matching this one under a blazer with high-waisted pants. Freya, a line that sizes up to a K cup, receives a lot of five star reviews on lingerie blogs for bras that provide natural support and lift with style and an eye for trends.

The influence of bondage in mainstream fashion has been seen a lot recently, with a harness-style bra showing up even at that mall bastion Victoria’s Secret. The New York Times profiled Zana Bayne recently as the queen of mainstream bondage wear. Lisa Leung of Creepyyeha offers a relatively inexpensive, still hand-crafted version (and a fantastic NSFW-ish Instagram account to drool over.) She models all of her designs to a cult following of bondage wear enthusiasts and Tumblr kids. The Double Strap Heart Garter is both kinky and confectionery.