Screw It, It's Too Hot To Even THINK About Clothes

Actually, it's too hot to think in general, but I'm working through it just for you.
Publish date:
July 22, 2011
shoppables, scarves, aquascutum, hot weather, sarong

So this is the temperature today. Not the FEELS LIKE temperature, just the straight temperature. Lucky for me I have nowhere to go right now so I'm just comfortably sitting in my underwear watching "The Birdcage" on Netflix, but there will be a point where I will have to go outside. And I am dreading it. It is making me wish I lived in a nudist colony perhaps somewhere near the ocean, but I don't. And those are life choices I am working through right now. Anyways, the point is the only thing I could even IMAGINE wearing right now is something I don't own. A sarong.

Aquascutum Sarong $49, Yoox

I look at this thin piece of fabric, so light and sheer, and imagine the happiness it would bring if I could tie it around my body when I stepped outside. But I can't because it's not mine! Tell me, dear readers, what is your secret for when it's too hot for your own skin outside? You'd think growing up in a tropical island would've prepared me for these temperatures, but the gentle ocean breeze always made everything better. There's no ocean breeze here so I'm gonna go sit inside my refrigerator, Punky Brewster-lessons be damned.