Help Me Choose This Year's Plus-Size Bikini

Inspired by Gabi Fresh's smoking "fatkini."
Publish date:
April 25, 2012
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If xoJane favorite Gabi Fresh, pictured here in her 2012 fatkini, doesn't inspire you to put on a bikini this summer, then you are most likely a robot. And despite what Yo Gabba Gabba is shamelessly teaching children, robots are not our friends. DON'T TRUST ROBOTS, KIDS.

Last summer, I debuted my own size 14 bikini, sunning my pasty navel for the first time in human memory.

This year, inpired by Gabi and the prospect of taking more half-naked photos of myself and showing them to the world, I would like to repeat the exercise. That adorable bikini from Unique Vintage treated me well last time, so I am going back to them to pick out this year's suit. Let me know which one of the below you'd most like to see bisecting my back fat. (I'm sorry I keep talking about my back fat. It's just a funny term.)

The choices!

1. Navy & Red 50's Style High Waisted Red Daisy Bikini Swimsuit

2. Navy & Red Two-Piece Bow Frannie Swimsuit

3. Black & White Striped Amelia Two Piece Bikini Swimsuit

4. Red & White Polka Dot Cyndy Two Piece Swimsuit

Please put your choice in the comments or feel free to suggest something else. Or just talk about how hot Gabi Fresh is to prove you're not a robot. (You can her her amazing bikini here.)