READY, SWEAT, GO: Wear Your Workout Clothes to the Clurrrb!

Plus, drinks with some ad execs, in exercise stuff that should never leave the gym.
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March 1, 2012
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"You look so Murray Hill right now,"

Madeline said when I met her for coffee last week in Williamsburg wearing my workout clothes.

Admittedly, I had on head-to-toe black exercise gear, mostly from


, topped with a parka. It was very kept woman, and looked totally out of place in our neighborhood.

I know staying in my exercise clothes after a gym session is a bad habit, but sometimes there just isn't time to shower and get dressed. I also haven't mastered the art of packing a proper gym bag yet with a change of clothes. Even when I make a list, something important is always missing, like socks and underwear or face wipes. And gym bags are such a burden to carry around all day in the city.

I'd much prefer to just wear athletic clothing that crosses over. Obviously this isn't a great idea if you get really sweaty at the gym, but lately I just hang out and tweet from the stretching mats. When I'm not

building a shelf-butt, of course.

Tops and zip-ups all Payne. Jeremy Scott x Adidas Leopard Sneakers. Nike Free Runs.

Luckily there's plenty of chic gym stuff out there. Adidas for example, kills it with their designer collaborations, and offers sportswear that I'd totally wear to the clurrrb. I want everything from their



Stella McCartney


Payne is another favorite

for their sleek Matrix-y exercise gear. Think leggings with leather detailing and nylon motorcycle zip-ups -- pieces I would wear even on days that I skip the gym.

As for footwear, I love the way

Nike Free Runs

look both at the gym and worn with unathletic stuff like denim and fur. Ditto

Jeremy Scott x Adidas shoes, but they're not really for a serious workout


Now let's talk about gym stuff. Do you hate getting changed after exercising too? Am I the only one who can't successfully pack a gym bag? What are your favorite things to wear to the gym--and maybe after? Tell me.

All images by Oliva Hall@BlackOlive15.

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