Read This: All About The Impossibly Chic, Terribly Good-Looking Jenna Lyons

"How do we get more women to wear men’s shirts, like Jenna is wearing?” “Show ’em a picture of Jenna,” someone says.
Publish date:
August 16, 2011
j. crew, girl crush, jenna lyons

According to the New York magazine article I read while waiting for my boyfriend to finish making my damn dinner last night, the phrase “Jenna Lyons girl crush” brings up half a million Google hits. Make that half a million PLUS ONE, 'cause I am now officially INTO the J. Crew Creative Director whose chic, effortless-looking style has rejuvenated the brand/inspired all that girl love.

Reasons include: She is 6'5 in heels; she pissed off the gender Nazis by including a photo of herself painting her son's toenails pink in a catalogue, then refusing to comment on it; and she wore a V-neck sweater to this year's Costume Institute Ball. Plus, I love the quirky-colored pencil skirts J. Crew has been releasing for the past few seasons.

Click here to read the article, here to just look at the pictures and sweat her cute clothes/son/house.