Q: Who Am I Channeling Today? A: The Kids From Peanuts

This morning when I left the house I didn't make a conscious decision to dress like a Charles M. Schulz cartoon.
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August 1, 2012
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You may have realised by now that I’m not your average fashion editor. I probably won’t urge you to rush out and buy into ludicrous, short-lived trends in your lunch hour*, I think referring to clothing in the singular ("a jean") is lame and I don’t gush over the same old clichéd "style icons." How could I, honestly, when my own personal inspirations include Jessica Fletcher, Johnny Cash and the kids from Peanuts?

Fashion icons: Charlie Brown and Linus

This morning when I left the house I hadn’t made a conscious decision to dress like a Charles M. Schulz cartoon, it was more a case of trying to put something vaguely coherent together while still half asleep. My trusty navy cropped trousers from Banana Republic, which go with everything, were added to Converse, a red, white and blue striped COS tee and topped off with an old Gap baseball jacket (with Karen Walker brooch).

Me doing my best to look like a Peanuts kid

It was only when I got to work that I realised the preppy stripes and all-American Cons plus retro baseball jacket really reminded me of something that might have been worn by that loveable loser, Charlie Brown. Actually a spot of Googling soon revealed that my outfit even more closely resembled the style of Linus -- the only kid in the world lamer than Charlie -- great!

Wearing their cute jackets

Actually, I’m fine with that. I’ve loved the Peanuts comics since I was a kid and Mr Phoebe gave me two beautifully bound collections of the original ‘50s strips for my birthday. Something about the deadpan humour and pessimistic outlook of most of the characters really appeals to me. The fact that there’s often a good deed or example of human kindness to lighten the mood makes Snoopy and crew even more endearing.

Linus and his blankie

And the same applies to the fashion: It’s classic Americana -- stripey, logo-free tees, sneakers, the odd hunters cap and jacket when it’s snowing -- and it all fits together beautifully in that effortless, simple way that you see in Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger’s clothes (and incidentally in the H&M catalogue for A/W12 -- exciting!)

On a side note, I’m still growing out my fringe and trying to use Megan from Mad Men as inspiration, but it’s still so hard.

*Although clearly I LOVE clothes and shopping, I'm just... sensible (stingy) about it!