Putting Your Clothes On With xoJane: A Google Hangout

We want to hang and talk about clothes.
Publish date:
July 11, 2013
advice, google hangout, no flip-flops allowed, Lindsay Lohan

I’m the first one to tell you to disregard all fashion rules always (except flip-flops, you can’t wear those.) Fashion is fun because you can pretty much do whatever you want all the time because it won't hurt anybody really (unless you wear flip-flops, in which case you will get a staph infection and die.) Fashion is even more fun because everybody has their own opinions and styles and rules which can make for some really fun conversation.

You see where I’m going with this, right?

Let’s TALK fashion. No idea how to wear those new platform sneakers you drunkenly bought in New Orleans like five years ago? Let’s talk about that. Do you want to update the boring gray shift dress you bought yesterday so you can wear it to your “cool” friend’s wedding? Let’s talk about that. How the fuck does one wear hats?

We have assembled a crack-team of fashion experts to answer all of your sartorial questions. I’ll be there cursing, smoking an e-cigarette, making jokes (you know, being generally cool. Ugh I hate myself, kill me.) We will have Annie who used to run her own vintage store on Etsy. Oh, and she is really hot. Madeline, the queen of all things pink and awesome, will attend. Finally, xoJane’s sweet starfruit and resident boy-toy Tynan will also be gracing us with his good vibes. Oh and Jane may make an appearance...

So chickens, there are two things you need to do. First, send all of your clothes questions to me at Olivia@xojane.com. OR you can tweet at me or any of us on the hangout. Pictures are encouraged, but no dick pics please, send those to my personal address. Next, wait by your computer until Friday (that’s tomorrow) at 12:30 PM and click this link to watch us answer your questions. Oh, and you should RSVP too so if nobody shows up we can all just nap instead. We also may have to talk about this, because I’m obsessed with this movie already and I’ve only seen the trailer.

At the very least, CLICK THIS LINK tomorrow on Friday (7/12) at 12:30 pm.

I love you all let's make out later.