Irrefutable Proof That Statement Earrings Are Just As Wearable As Statement Necklaces

They’re bright, they’re shiny, and they just might hypnotize everyone you speak to while wearing them.

So we’ve all heard by now that statement necklaces are all the rage right? I’ve never been a costume jewelry person myself (who doesn’t prefer the real thing?), but even I’ve succumbed to the trend recently. My grandmother, grandfather, and great grandmother all loved to pile on the big sparkly gems, so I suppose I’ve always had a love for sparkles running through my veins, but I never really wore anything too flashy on a daily basis, until now.

Over the past few months, I’ve become totally addicted to buying new pieces from Bauble Bar, and if I happen to get dressed one day without piling on some sort of sparkling necklace, I feel a little naked. The problem with an accessory that flashy is people inevitably notice if you’re wearing it every day, and at some point the heavy bib necklaces can get tired if they’re constantly being rotated into your outfits day after day.

But you know what I’ve realized lately? There is more than one way to wear this big heavy jewelry trend, and my new favourite is earrings.

Though statement earrings can’t get quite as big and flashy as necklaces (too many jewels leads to very sore earlobes, I can attest to that), they’re a super cute and simple way to add a bit of sparkle and colour to an otherwise ordinary outfit. I especially love pairing them with my most casual outfits to give my look a little something extra without having to try too hard. Huge crystal earrings with a ball gown can be, well, a little over the top, but those same earrings with a sweatshirt and jeans? That says, “I’m too fancy to give a f***”!

Here are some simple outfit examples with some added sparkle magic!

Now go, fill your earlobes with faux gemstones and chunky gold!

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