Posters And Notelets And Marc Jacobs Rucksacks - These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things (Right Now)

This quote from Garance Dore makes SO much sense to me, “Luxury is what you don’t necessarily need but makes life that much more beautiful.”
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July 5, 2013
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Today I’m delving deep into my shallow side to bring you some of the objects that are making life pleasant at the moment. And I just stumbled across this quote from Garance Dore on her blog which makes SO much sense to me, “Luxury is what you don’t necessarily need but makes life that much more beautiful.”

Marc by Marc Jacobs for Liberty Ohhhh yeah, it really doesn’t get much better than Marc by Marc joining forces with the legendary Liberty, does it? The exclusive collection of nylon accessories features two classic ditsy florals – Emma & Georgina and Wiltshire - which have been mashed up with Marc’s signature monochrome logo print (Incidentally, when I was in New York in the spring we found ourselves in ‘Marc town’ – a cluster of streets in the East Village where you’ll find a Marc Jacobs boutique or bookshop on every corner – it’s amazing).

Emma & Georgina is an amalgamation of two florals in pink and green that the Liberty team created in 2011 (Emma was first seen in the ‘70s while Georgina appeared in 2000.) Wiltshire was first designed back in 1933 and has been on Tana Lawn fabric since 1979. Shop the collection at

There’s a fantastic sale of Liberty print merch on in the store at the moment – handkerchiefs that are big enough to wear as neck scarves for £5.19 and so on, so get down there and stock up on Christmas presents.

White skinny jeans from BodenI’ve gone all Liz Hurley and am strutting about in a pair of white skinny jeans from Boden. This is the first pair of white jeans I’ve ever owned and it feels ridiculous exciting to be stepping out in something so far outside my fashion comfort zone. They look great with my beloved Bretons and have finally helped me strike a balance between keeping warm (stupid British ‘summertime’) and looking seasonal-appropriate. I love them with bright red espadrilles or the next item on my lovely list, my new sandals... Was 49, now £34.30,

L’Occitane Hydration Face MistNo, I still don’t know how to pronounce L’Occitane and I probably never will, but I love their products and this beautiful face mist is my current favourite. It delivers the lightest, finest mist of refreshing moisture to dehydrated skin and has a delicate scent that’s somewhere between cucumber and freshly cut grass (in actual fact this is organic Angelica water and essential oil).

I’m carrying it in my bag to cool me down on the tube and will be using it on the beach too, plus it’s perfect for giving skin a shot of moisture after you’ve finished cleansing, or to give your make-up a dewy finish. I’m getting better at introducing these little moments of self-care into my everyday life and my tired face is grateful for them. £10 for 50ml (so plane-friendly!) at

TAY Safflower Seed night cream with JojobaThis stuff smells like raspberry angel delight which is helping me remember to put it on before I go to sleep, as I love the scent so much. The cream is rich and thick, yet doesn’t leave my facing feeling greasy or sticky and it feels like all the ingredients (Argan oil, rosehip, jojoba etc) are sinking in and doing me good while I sleep.

It’s really not cheap, so I’m eking out every last bit from my tester pot, but it’s nice to try something natural and nourishing and I’ll definitely keep up the habit. £50,

‘P’ Notelets from LibertyThese beautiful notelets were a birthday present from the lovely Verity who told me they come from Liberty. There’s something so nice about being able to write a thank you letter or just say hello to someone and tell them your news on proper, thick paper, written with a good inky pen. Email and text are all very well, but a letter is something truly special, especially as most of the post we receive these days consists of bills and junk mail. Really nice stationary is one of those things that I’d never allow myself to buy normally – so decadent! - which is why it was an extra thoughtful gift.

The summer issue of Betty MagazineI always think of Betty as the cheeky younger sister of The Gentlewoman as it has the same intelligent content, elegant layouts and inspiring fashion spreads, just with a slightly more youthful spirit.

This issue features an interview with the awesome Lili Vanilli, gorgeous illustrations of flowers and a shoot set in Whitstable that has lots of BRETON STRIPES! I’m going to savour reading this issue over as many coffee breaks as I can possibly manage to eke it out. Dore printAnother birthday treat, this took aaaaages to come from America AND I had to pay extra postage on it, but I don’t care, it was worth it. I’m going to get it framed and add it to the pictures above my desk which raise my spirits every time I lift my head from my old, overheated laptop.