FATshion: Magical Polka Dots Edition

A dress that (maybe) works for everyone.
Publish date:
October 31, 2011
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Back in the spring, I ordered this dress online, and it arrived literally moments before I was heading to NYC to meet up with friends for a weekend of tame debauchery and the Fat Girl Flea Market. I am never one to wait to wear a new dress, so I threw the brand-new unwashed garment in my suitcase without even trying it on.

For my first night in the city, I was sharing a hotel room with Marianne, one of my most beloved BFFs ever, and when she spotted (ha, pun) this dress in my bag she basically ripped it from my hands and tried it on. My new dress! Even before I had done so! It fit her perfectly, which caused me some concern, as although we are roughly the same size, we are very differently-shaped, with Marianne more of an hourglassy type and me more... not-hourglassy-at-all, not to mention her being significantly shorter than I.

But then I tried it on. And it fit me perfectly too. It seemed impossible that one dress in one size could work for us both, so we decided the dress was magical, as it is a real challenge to find a single dress that suits both our shapes equally well.

Though my polka dot love is nowhere near the level of Emily's, I do enjoy a good polka dot dress, but like anything specific, they can be tricky to find in plus sizes. This one is made of stretch cotton, with a full skirt and a floppy bow and a decidedly retro flavor. I altered mine to take about six inches off the bottom because the tea length was a little dumpy on me. It probably would have looked awesome with a petticoat, but I don't have enough opportunities to wear big foofy petticoats in public anymore, I am sad to say.

You can get your own magical polka dot dress from ChicStar for the reasonable price of $59.95, in sizes 18-28. Report back! Share the magic!