Plus-Size Agent Says Tess Holliday Won’t Model for Long at Her Size

According to this agent, models stop being life role models after size 20.
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June 4, 2015
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Thanks to Tess Holliday’s gloriously sexy People cover, we’re all still reeling from this new earth-shattering evidence that a woman who is size 22 can be sexy.

So you’d think everyone in the industry who gets dumb interview questions about her would simply say, “Finally!” “Great cover!” “Things are really looking up!” But Business Insider did us all a favor and spoke to an allegedly renowned and anonymous modeling agent who knows better because she’s actually been on the inside working with models and weight for years. According to her, Tess’s Instagram followers will not stop Tess from fading away from the modeling industry. Wait. But doesn’t her success mean that we’ll see more and more examples of healthy women wearing clothes of all sizes? According to this agent, models stop being life role models after size 20.

In a supposedly real talk interview with Business Insider, the agent said this:

“I doubt Tess Holliday will get much more work than the Yours campaign she has just shot. Her agent has been very savvy from day one about using social media to drum up interest in her girls, and to win clients. But again, I think the much bigger sizes don’t have staying power. It is a freak show. The buzz will die down again. Holliday is as much about the attention she brings from her Twitter / Instagram account for the client than just her. To me, as much as I’m not about body shaming and am about acceptance, Holliday is not a healthy size and I think it does encourage those who battle with weight to just say “f*** it” and not take care of themselves. It’s not a popular attitude, but it’s my humble opinion. I’ve seen how the seasoned and popular girls work out and take care of themselves and it’s inspiring stuff. They will never been a [UK] size 10, but they are a glorious and healthy and toned [UK] size 16. Prime examples are Laura Wells and Robyn Lawley. Granted there are a lot of bloggers out there like Holliday who are [UK] size 20+ and write about fashion and acceptance, and good luck to them, but I’m doubtful it they will ever stick in the mainstream long term.”

Tess is signed to MILK, she was featured in the only Vogue that matters, and apparently she exercises daily, so we’ll have to see about that.


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