Please Help Me: Which Glasses Should I Get?

I'm going to buy some new glasses and your vote will decide!
Publish date:
August 1, 2011
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One thing I cannot stand shopping for is a new pair of glasses. My rules for frames are arbitrarily arcane and iron-clad: nothing trendy, nothing kooky, nothing overtly retro, yet still totally contemporary and somehow timeless, plus slightly “off.” No one else will have my glasses, and I will still look stylish and right on point with what looks good these days. I can’t tell when I’m getting it right and when I’m pushing it too far.

So hunting for glasses is a total pain in the ass. Last time I did it, I visited six different boutiques all around NYC, and found only one pair that I liked, and they stole my heart. The humongous violet jelly squarish frames I have right now are pretty great, though I’m done with them. When you have purple glasses, you can’t wear anything else remotely related to the hue or you look like you’re one of those “purple ladies.” You know the kind.

What a serendipitous find on my trip to LA last week when the ice cream shop I went to had only soy-based ice cream (you can be an ass like that in LA -- it is so vegan-friendly you actually have choices when it comes to non-dairy scoops), and so I decided to pop into Cat Eye Spectacles, a vintage frames shop, next door. I thought I’d kill some time just checking out some kooky styles, and instead got sucked into all the amazing glasses, new and old.

For the first time in my life I found four pairs I love, all in one place. I cannot decide. So I goofed around in there and posed like a ham for some photos of the options, and I would love for you to help me choose. Whichever ones get the most votes, I will buy. Which ones fit all my rules -- and my face -- the best? Please advise!

I'm kind of leaning toward #4, so here's another shot of me with my friend Billie, wearing some vintage Diors she loved.... Then again, it hurts to think about leaving the others in the dust, and maybe I am wrong about this? Please help me!