OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: Pieces of Flair

You don't need 37 pieces of flair to express yourself in here.
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December 19, 2014
pins, brooches, Buttons

How do you wear your pieces of flair? Yes, when I use the term "pieces of flair," I'm referencing the 1999 classic "Office Space" and the made-up restaurant in the film, Tchotchkes.

In the movie, Jennifer Aniston's character works at the restaurant which requires its employees to wear "a minimum of 37 pieces of flair," items like buttons, pins and brooches and the like that they feel "express themselves." When I talk about pieces of flair, I am referring to the little details I add to outfits to keep them from being totally plain: costume jewelry, a vintage brooch, a funny pin picked up at a flea market.

The thing about "flair" is that it's fun, but you can't get too attached to it. The number of pins and pieces of jewelry that have fallen off of my person over the years is frustrating to dwell on, but I figure that if someone else picks up that antique brass bracelet, or the giant pin-back button with the photo of the baby bear on it, and it brightens their day? Well, then that's fine by me.

What pieces of flair have you been wearing lately? I want to see pictures of your favourite little bits and bobs. Tell me the stories behind them! I live for this kind of stuff.

While I wait to see your photos, let's see what you all got up to last week.

Buttercup Rocks knocked it out of the park with her colour palette again -- the deep blues, the turquoises, the purples -- this dress is so lovely and the added touch of flair (yes!) in that brooch on the cardigan ties it all together so nicely. Maybe I need to get out of my "winter = all black wardrobe" habit.

Plus, we all know how I love a good blazer, so naturally I loved the perfectly polished combination Rebecca shared with us last week (and judging by the upvotes, you folks liked it too!) This also reminded me that I direly need a new pair of glasses. Where do you all buy your specs?

And a special award goes to the kitty belonging to Pegah S, who is keeping things fun and festive but still embracing their natural ginger-ness. Who says redheads can't wear red? Work it, li'l meow!

Thanks again, everyone! See you next week, post-Christmas. Can't wait to see all of your holiday ensembles.

Stay warm (or cool, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere), xoHannah