Petit Bateau + Carven = Heaven For Aspiring Parisiennes

Once in a while the stars align beautifully to give those of us who care a lot about clothes a wonderful gift – in this case, two impossibly chic French fashion houses - Petit Bateau + Carven. Aieeee!
Publish date:
October 10, 2012
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I can’t afford Carven, but I adore the way Guillame Henry has taken the ‘sleeping beauty’ of a French fashion house (as he describes it in his video interview with Garance Dore) and woken her up for a whole new generation of gamine, Peter-Pan-collar-loving wannabe Alexas. And I’ve been buying Petit Bateau t-shirts for years – they are the perfect thickness of cotton with proper sleeves and I just love them. So the two combined has sent me into a mini fashion frenzy. While I take a moment to breathe and recover from my swoon on a chaise longue, why don’t you look at some nice pictures?

Carven is famous for its detachable collars and these appear in Petit Bateau’s signature cotton t-short material in elegant, refined shades of grey and coral.

Crisp white collars add structure to t-shirt dresses in the bold, primary colours that the brand is known for – pillarbox red and navy blue, plus black.

And then ohsweetlord there are stripy polo shirt BODYSUITS! With POPPERS (ie. not the ridiculous American Apparel versions that require you to basically strip naked every time you go to the loo). I’ll be wearing those under my high-waisted mom jeans and green skater skirt stat.

The collection is previewing in a few select stores from November (including Colette in Paris, where I’m going, so I’ll report back!) and will be in all Petit Bateau stores from December.