I Threw Away All My Ugly, Stained Period Panties

I used to turn to ugly old underwear and live in fear of leaks during my period, but thanks to Dear Kate I’m pretty much menstrual Wonder Woman now.
Publish date:
January 31, 2014
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There’s a small corner of my underwear drawer filled with ugly, hole-filled, old panties. They’re thicker fabric than my normal lacy, pretty pairs, and I really only wear them once a month. They’re my blood-stained period panties, and I hate having to put them on.

To be honest (and I guess a little gross), I have a really horrible issue with leaking. My period is extremely heavy and intense, and sometimes I actually panic I might be bleeding to death (completely illogical, but it happens nonetheless).

I bleed through tampons no matter what the size, through my thickest cotton underwear and panty liners, and even through my jeans, sometimes until my thighs are wet and sticky all the way down to my knees.

Once I went to a theme park and spent half the day in the on-site first aid station shoving huge pads they gave me into my pants to try and dry up the blood that had soaked my jeans on the bus ride there. After a number of these “stuck somewhere covered in blood” instances, I sort of resolved not to do anything exciting and far away during that time of the month. It just wasn’t worth the risk.

I’ve recently switched to a Diva cup, and though it helps a bit with my period woes, I still have to change it super frequently during my heavier days, and I still get leaks.

Sometimes I wake up in a huge pool of blood in my bed if I don’t remember to get up halfway through the night and empty it. Worst of all, I am still scared to go anywhere remote without a cleanish bathroom nearby, and I can’t wear anything light-colored or cute.

I spend my whole period week in fear of leaks, and in turn, dread my period. But last week, right before my period was scheduled to hit, I found Dear Kate.

Dear Kate is a New York company that produces leak-resistant panties. Yup, that’s right, leak resistant! These super panties have a built in three layer system with wicking and leak proof fabrics, and can comfortably hold 3 teaspoons of liquid without any leakage.

Though they’re not a full replacement for pads or tampons, they’re a great solution for people who frequently leak on their period, as well as women with bladder leakage issues and pregnant women. They even have a special athletic line for working out, and some really gorgeous plus size options. I promptly ordered 2 pairs, and as luck would have it, they arrived a mere two days before my period started.

OK so first off, these panties are beautiful. I opted for two high waisted pairs (the “Rosa” and the “Ms Moxie”) and they are silky soft and gorgeous. The material is really comfy, and even though the fabric is layered in the crotch area there’s no feeling of bulkiness at all.

The founder, Julie Sygiel, used her background in chemical engineering to develop this incredible fabric, and it really is so soft and pretty in real life. But the important part was how they functioned: Would they stand up to my leaks?

I wore my Dear Kates for the two heaviest days of my period, and was shocked to find just how well they worked. I had no problems with leaking whatsoever! The overflow that usually would’ve seeped through my underthings and into my pants absorbed right into the fabric, but didn’t come out the other side. They even kept my sheets clean when I tested them overnight.

It was totally liberating to not have my guard up constantly and have to bring a sweatshirt to tie around my waist every time I went out in public. It was exactly the kind of underwear innovation I’d been looking for.

At the end of the week, I threw out that pile of ugly old stained undies. Even though they’re a bit pricey, I’m on team Kate all the way. From now on, I’ll be wearing panties I’m proud of all the time, heavy period or not.

Would you invest in some leak resistant panties? How do you feel about this underwear innovation?