OBSESSED WITH: Vintage-Style Outerwear Inspired By Old Ladies

I may not know from trends, but I know what I like. Right now, what I like = candy-colored coats and hair the color of Necco wafers.
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November 7, 2011
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So, what's the "in thing" for outerwear right now? What's "on trend" or whatever? Cuz I have no idea -- but that's totally okay with me. Mainly because these ladies from an old Juicy Couture ad campaign shot by Tim Walker are haunting my sartorial dreams:

Do you guys remember these ads? I'm sure we were supposed to be paying attention to the handbags, but all I see is a quartet of outrageously awesome looking septuagenarians working a look that falls somewhere between Proper Lady and My Little Pony. There is no bad here!

And while this matchy-matchy, head-to-toe vintage thing may not be totally practical for most folks in the real world, I do want to take some inspiration from these old broads when it comes to choosing some outerwear for the coming months. Here are a few items I came across that made me feel like dressing up as a (warm and cozy) macaron.

This coral pink swing coat ($161.73) from ASOS.com does the trick for me. Pink ain't your bag? It also comes in blue! The rounded collar is super sweet. My teeth are hurting.

Okay so mustard isn't exactly a pastel -- but this coat (Anthropologie, $168) is gorgeously retro, and it's a happy color you don't always see this time of year. Plus you gotta love that jaunty ascot-style collar. C'mon, work with me here!

Here's a pleasantly simple and elegant wool-and-alpaca coat ($425, J.Crew) in a lovely shade of peach. The lines are classic and you could go minimal with this or dress it up with retro accessories.

You could also go with actual vintage as opposed to vintage-inspired. This cute wool Lord & Taylor suit jacket (Zyla Mae, $70) would be so great with a beat up band T-shirt and jeans.

If you wanna dye your hair to match, I came across a Tumblr completely devoted to photos of pastel dye jobs. There are occasionally product recommendations and "recipes" for getting that perfect shade of baby-chick yellow. Handy!

If you want to ease into looking like a baked good, you could try out what I'm calling the "Funfetti" manicure, as seen here, on my nails, last week:

The base is "Blanc" by Essie (an opaque, creamy white) topped with two coats of "Rainbow Connection" from OPI's new Muppet series of nail polishes. The end result reminds me of CAKE. Speaking of which:

This is Faith Durand's "Funfetti Cake from Scratch" from The Kitchn and I think we all owe it to ourselves to go bake one RIGHT NOW. To eat while we shop on the Internet for coats that look like cake. IT'S THE CIRCLE OF LIFE, PEOPLE!