5 Maternity Outfit Ideas For When You Want To Show Off Your Shape

Just because you're expanding doesn't mean you should be hiding.

Buying maternity clothes can be a drag, especially if you're not interested in wearing layers that hide your body or adding bulk when you're already gaining weight. So why not flaunt your growing belly?

The point of the outfits below is to show off and be proud of being pregnant instead of feeling embarrassed. As other parts of your body expand with your belly, hiding beneath clothes can make you feel bad about your body. Showing off your silhouette during pregnancy, however, is not only flattering, but it will give you a boost of confidence, too. You are worth showing off, and definitely worth wearing fashionable clothes.

Here are five essential and fashionable maternity wardrobe ideas, several of which can be adjusted to wear postpartum.

Wear a simple fitted tee accented with a braided belt over the top of the belly with pencil pants and ballet flat. You can wear your regular pants or a size above and wear a maternity belt adjustor that barely shows -- it just looks like you are wearing a camisole underneath your shirt.

This is my go-to outfit whether I'm taking my kids somewhere, going on a date with my husband, or meeting friends. Forget the baggy T-shirt and yoga pants -- you're so much better than that.

For dressier occasions, like work or a special function, I dread those baggy dresses with cinched waists that tie at the back. I prefer this black fitted dress, which I wear with a belt above the belly.

For work, you might try adding cardigan, scarf, or fitted jacket.

I’m not a huge fan of loose shirts when pregnant because I think they make me look bigger than I am. But here, I paired one with a pencil skirt and a matching belt worn, again, above the waist.

A bright color can keep it looking current, and it's versatile -- the shirt can also be paired with leggings.

This DIY over-the-belly skirt was actually made from a large dress. I added a band to the top of the skirt section, and I had my very own maternity skirt.

It's useful with a zipper added in the back, and can easily be worn after you give birth for a midi skirt.

An under-the-belly pencil skirt can be paired with a fitted top and a cardigan, and accented with a braided belt worn on top of the belly. The cardigan and belt gives it a dressier look, and also enhances your silhouette so your body is not hidden by layers.

Are you comfortable showing off your shape while pregnant? What's your favorite way to play up your figure?