OUTFIT OF THE WEEK: The Sun Came Back!

Summer's still sticking around a little longer!
Publish date:
August 8, 2014
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Remember last week when I was lamenting about the crappy weather? Well, thankfully this week I was blessed with sunshine and blue skies, and I dressed accordingly in happy little sundresses, went for as many walks as possible (seriously, I walked and walked and I'm amazed my little Old Navy sandals from last summer stood the test), and drank plenty of ice tea. It seems summer is hanging out a little while longer (hooray!) and we get to continue dressing accordingly.

When I was perusing the outfits you shared with me last week, I was initially caught swooning over commenter Dee's vintage ensemble. Something about a little hat, a beautiful patterned dress and fresh white pumps feels like just what I needed and wanted to see, especially when the weather was so gloomy last week. Dee's smile paired with that outfit was a total burst of sunshine, so thank you for sharing!

And speaking of sunshine, Buttercup Rocks seemed to have that in mind when she posted the breeziest striped cotton sundress paired with a bright yellow shrug. I love yellow, so maybe I'm biased, but all the little details here prove that you can be polished and put together even when the weather is hot hot hot.

Both of these outfits have me dying to head over to my favourite Toronto vintage shop, Cabaret Vintage, and have a look through all of their gorgeous '40s, '50s and '60s sundresses.

Have you been pushing yourself to stay chic in the heat or are you welcoming the weekend in a giant T-shirt with an Otter Pop hanging out of your mouth? Either way, I want to see photos -- now's your time to post 'em!